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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - 72 Meta/75 OpenCritic

Reviews for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are in.

So far, with 46 Critic Reviews, the Playstation 5 version is at 72 points. On OpenCritic, it got a "Strong" rating, with 75%.




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The closer I've seen the game compared to is Metal Gear Rising.

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Seems like the score most of us were anticipating.

Dark, gritty, bad boy not working for a good media validation, let´s see sales now( Japan maybe will bomb) 

It's what we except from SE these days


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Ashadelo said:

It's what we except from SE these days

it´s the Final Fantasy spin-off, maybe 2-3M worldwide in five platforms? 

Kinda surprised it got that high.

Deliberate cringe or unironically bad stuff like this is fun with movies and TV, but with games it's just annoying. This looks bad, sounds bad, and has done nothing to convince me otherwise. I doubt I'll be able to get over the cringe regardless of the gameplay quality.

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I want to give this game a shot when it goes on sale. I ain't paying 60 bucks for it though.

The game is genuinley fun. Combat and levels are well done. Performance is jank. The writing is the best kinds of bad. Like enjoyable laughing bad. Jack garland is a cutscenes skipper. A boss tries to give a monologue and het cuts them off. He even basically does a It doesn't matter what your name is from The Rock. It's the right kind of cheese. I think this game will be a cult classic. I know I'm loving it. No they don't even try to hide Jack Garland is Gardland from Final Fantasy 1. So keep in mind when you replay FF1 on Pixel remaster. Garland listens to Limp Bizkit. Don't play this game is you're too weak for blood.

Oh and Frank Sinatra and Limp Bizkit are Final Fantasy Cannon now.

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Ashadelo said:

It's what we except from SE these days

Not at all. But it is what we expect from second though projects like this from them.

I actually expected the title to be received much harsher. So kudos to Team Ninja.