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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sales expectations for Horizon: Forbidden West?


Sales expectations for Horizon: Forbidden West?

Less than 14 million 210 40.54%
14.0 - 15.9 million 61 11.78%
16.0 - 17.9 million 38 7.34%
18.0 - 19.9 million 39 7.53%
20.0 - 21.9 million 99 19.11%
22.0 - 23.9 million 27 5.21%
24.0 - 25.9 million 6 1.16%
26.0 - 27.9 million 2 0.39%
28.0 - 30.0 million 2 0.39%
More than 30 million 34 6.56%

I think enough time has passed to conclude that Sony won't provide any global sales/shipment numbers for Horizon: Forbidden West anytime soon, so the game highlights this week's poll. Shortly before Forbidden West's release, Sony announced that Zero Dawn had sold 20 million copies, likely including the PC version. The other sales-relevant information is that it's looking like Forbidden West is being overshadowed by Elden Ring which launched only one week later. How much of an impact that makes will be your guess.

What are your lifetime sales expectations for Horizon: Forbidden West?


Bonus question: If you've played Forbidden West already, what are your thoughts on the game? And if you've played the Zero Dawn too, how do the two games compare?

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1) Firstly, the PC sales were included in that 20 million figure. I don't know if Sony ever detailed the specifics on the split between PS4/PC sales (though obviously the PS4 version will have the vast majority of that number).

2) I feel that, even with Elden Ring releasing and being a great game, Horizon Forbidden West will still do great numbers over its lifetime. Once again including the inevitable PC release in a year or two, I am thinking it will also reach 20 million units sold like its predecessor.

Bonus Question) I am absolutely loving Forbidden West so far. Graphics-wise, it is a massive leap over the first one. Note: I played Zero Dawn on a PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR TV, and am playing through Forbidden West on a PS5, in its Quality Mode, on a (newer) 4K HDR TV. Gameplay and story-wise, it is about where one would expect a sequel to be at. Everything is refined and made more enjoyable, and overall dialogue and story scenes are a step-up. But it isn't like it plays like a whole new game or anything, nor should it be. If you enjoyed the first one, you will absolutely enjoy this one. If you didn't like Zero Dawn, there isn't anything in Forbidden West that will change your mind.

For me, the world of Horizon and Aloy as a character represent some my most beloved ideas in all of gaming. I put 103 hours total into Zero Dawn and the expansion The Frozen Wilds, and so far have 45 hours into Forbidden West and am at ~37% complete in the game.

If it will get a PC release I believe it will be another 20m + game. PS4 and PS5 combined will sell 15m+

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I’m actually a bit concerned for HFW’s sales. It did really unimpressive ranking on the Amazon charts and was way less impressive than HZD. I haven’t followed Amazon charts for a couple years, so maybe this is just typical as people go more and more digital. Would make sense. But I also felt like the hype was fairly tempered. I loved the first game, but for some reason, I didn’t feel the need to play HFW right away and likely won’t for a couple months.

Hopefully I’m wrong about it’s sales, bc GG certainly deserves success, and I’ve heard very good things about HFW.

I belive that the elden ring drama can only affect early sales. Its a single player exclusive and quite good as well. The most it will happen is that people play elden ring first and then go to horizon. So my guess is that life time sales should be around what zero dawn did.

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Depends on PS5 supply and if Sony bundles it in the future. I say it sells 15m

I think it will sell a bit more than Zero Dawn, because it has a full PS5 lifespan ahead it. I'd say 22 - 23.9M.

I don't see Elden Ring impacting HFW lifetime sales at all. After all HFW sold more on the PS5 than Elden Ring did. Like Miles Morales, HFW will see a significant bump in sales whenever there is a PS5 restock, & the inevitable PC port will extend its legs.

I'm going to say 25 - 30+ Million lifetime with PlayStation + PC.

I am going to say 15 million there simply isn't enough stock and whilst it will have legs, Horizon isn't a Nintendo Evergreen title.

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A part of it's legs will depend on it's pricing like HZD had quite the low pricing for most of it's life meaning it was just easier to get people to buy it that way.
Now, it's a brand new sequel on a console that just released and it will most certainly have a PC release at some point ...

Though, it's release right before the Elden Ring monument prolly raid all the cast it had in the forefront and will do so for a while + price is higher and if Sony isn't willing to put the title on sales at some point and want to play a similar game to Nintendo, it'll most likely backfire during the important shopping months. So there's two possibilities in my mind :

- It'll do about as much as the original being a slow burn mostly selling most of it's copies from the backhand of sales and the PC release giving it a boost. Might even surpass it if they decide to be super aggressive with it like offering it in bundles and such.

- A bit less under it's predecessor, but I don't see it below 10M for certain. This result might come in from the lack of lasting impression and marketing to push the title further when we'll get later in this generation. Basically, it'll be quickly overshadowed by other 1st party titles. Lack of aggressive pricing like the original. Loads of Sony's 1st party strived with such tactic.

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