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Forums - Politics Discussion - The anti-cancel thread for alternative views


Today I address you to create a space where people can post alternative political viewpoints without being labelled white supremacists, nazis, monsters or anything of the sort, where you will not be afraid to be suppressed for your honest political views and where you can discuss level-headed with other people without things turning into a contest of popularity, spun into political correctness or righteousness or without fear of alienation.

In this thread, you will be allowed to speak your mind, your views and opinions on controversial matters, and hear information you may have not been able to hear before.

The rules of the thread are:

  • Be respectful. The purpose of respect is to foster discussion and nourish community. If you are disrespectful, it will create distrust, and distrust creates animosity, and animosity creates bigotry and quarrel. Let's do things differently here and be an example for the forum at large.
  • Be open. The purpose of this thread is to offer viewpoints that are not mainstream or widely accepted. This means that some viewpoints may be hard to accept as truth because they have been censored or shunned, and this can cause a cognitive dissonance and shock. Please remain calm and open about viewpoints that don't fit with your view and participate in this thread if you are capable of that effort.
  • Follow all the forum rules:
    • No flaming: You are allowed to speak your mind and say things as they are, but you are not allowed to personally attack another participant.
    • No trolling: You are not allowed to provoke others intentionally.
    • No hate speech: Presenting your viewpoint and political views belongs to you, but you are not allowed to promote hatred to anyone. The reason we are all interested in politics is to fight injustice, so don't feed it.
    • No spamming: You are allowed to post videos, but do so at a rate that nourishes the level of discussion and information access. Be considerate of peoples' time and post summaries of your videos below each video. Try to keep an eye on the rate of videos or articles posted.
    • No backseat moderation: If you are unhappy with a participant's input, write to me the thread creator, or any of the following mods I am trusting for this topic: CGI-Quality, Hiku, the-pi-guy.
    • No attacking vgchartz: You are not to use this thread as a way to criticize the website. This is a forum I support and respect, I expect the same from all of you.
  • Be mature about the topics. We all have our emotions about various topics, but if we don't remain mature about it, and let our emotions cause us to feel entitled to being upset, or to upset others, then we are fighting the thread and its ambition to be a space of open communication. Let people be free to express their views without trying to corner people into your viewpoint.
  • IMPORTANT: You are highly discouraged from using the upvote feature in this thread. @TalonMan is busy and can't produce a thread-level feature for this right now, so please avoid using it either as lurker or as poster in this thread, this will help us return to normal levels of discussion. Let's let our words speak their own value for themselves.

Below I will begin posting alternative views for the most actual news that is affecting all of us. Feel free to talk about it and also share your own alternative sources. Let's talk to each other and get some healthy conversation going once again.

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The first post I will make is very important to me. As you all know, there is a situation in Ukraine where Russia entered their military force for a certain objective: to remove the current power in Kiev and demilitarize the country. I want to share my first post to help expose something that was hidden from the mainstream, and has been censored from Youtube. I would like you to tell me if this should have been censored.

The first video is subtitled in French, so please use a translator to understand the meaning. However the footage speaks for itself. It was made by a French lady (Anne-Laure Bonnel) who had created a friendship with an individual from the Donbass region. She travelled to Ukraine to see for her own eyes what was happening. Her footage is very revealing:

I will be sharing my translations with the original poster soon so if you want you can wait for the english translation.


- The video starts with a snippet of a speech from Petro Poroshenko.
"We will have work and they (the separatists) will not"
"We will have retirements and they will not"
"We will have advantages for retirees and children, and they will not"
"Our children will go to school and kindergarden, their kids will stay in caves"
"Because they don't know how to do anything."
"And that, and precisely that, is how we will win this war (against the separatists)"

- The video shows the fallout of the Ukrainian army's shelling in Donbass. Civilians are in pain on the ground. A lady talk about her dead children.
- Anne-Laure Bonnel visits a cave filled with children. The people wonder if what she is filming will be shown.
- More cities of Donbass Ukraine are visited, and the mutilation of separatists, the dire living conditions with no electricity and poisoned water are expressed by villagers. Cemetaries are visited.
- The Odessa coup is described by a defector of the Ukraine army, who could not find himself to shoot at his brothers in Donbass. People were burned alive and shot as the government allowed it all to happen. It was a grave crime.
- A children's hospital, a church and a food kitchen are visited, a doctor and a priest describe the realities of the situation.
- Villagers describe everyday life where infrastructures are destroyed and people have left in masses.
- A mine is visited, where people try to continue working, a lady talks about life dealing with a sniper playing with her, shooting at her windows, a mother talks about the death of her son who was a volunteer insurgent.

An english documentary can be found here:,-today,-and-tomorrow:7
Similar topics but in english and more detailed.

Finally we can have a space like this!

Yeeeaaaaah, no.