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Forums - Sales Discussion - Lifetime sales expectations for Elden Ring?


Lifetime sales expectations for Elden Ring?

Less than 10 million 104 16.20%
10.0 - 12.4 million 74 11.53%
12.5 - 14.9 million 56 8.72%
15.0 - 17.4 million 78 12.15%
17.5 - 19.9 million 38 5.92%
20.0 - 22.4 million 111 17.29%
22.5 - 24.9 million 29 4.52%
25.0 - 27.4 million 21 3.27%
27.5 - 30.0 million 24 3.74%
More than 30 million 107 16.67%

It's looking comparable to Cyberpunk 2077 on PC and likely will be better in console platforms given the horrible world of mouth of CDPR's game. So at least as much as Cyberpunk 2077 I reckon.

And it's pretty good, a bit of that FromSoft Souls jank on the gameplay side but the open world is better than Breath of the Wild IMO.






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Assuming the recent reports of the game having already sold at least ten million copies on PC (according to Steam Spy, which might not be completely accurate), 20 million sounds low. Assuming Steam Spy is overestimating the game's sales, I guessed 20-22.4 million, although I didn't really put much thought into it. If Steam Spy is right, 20 million might be low even now, let alone lifetime, but on the other hand, my first thought is that 20 million is already way above what I thought the game could reach.

Reading the first post and the bits of info there and considering the numbers provided by Steam Spy, I'm kind of regretting my 20-22.4 million vote; I think I should maybe have voted for a higher number.

More than 30 million. The fact that the Steam CCU numbers actually increased for the second weekend from already insane numbers, is pretty much unheard of for SP games and tells me it gonna have legs. I’m sure a portion of buyers will get swept up in the hype and then hate the game but they won’t know that until they’ve bought it.

DS3 selling 10 million shows that From’s user unfriendly way of doing things does have a large audience. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise as games like PUBG, Dota and CS have hundreds of millions of players, and those can be absolutely brutal until you get your bearings.

The hype for Elden Ring was sky high, I think it'll definitely do at least 20 million.

axumblade said:

I was generous because George R. R. Martin is attached to it and it is one of the highest rated games of all time. Dark Souls 3 hit 10 million as of the last update I’ve seen. I voted an optimistic 15-17.4 million

Is that the best selling game for From Software so far (excluding Elden Ring if it applies)?

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OK, I've thought for a while now that Elden Ring would probably do double (or a little more) than the best previous entry. So, I'll say 20-22.4m.

Honestly, I have no idea. This is game made for Souls fans, but at the same time it is fairly easier than Souls and it's open world, so more regular mainstream audience might be drawn to it as well.

As for impressions:

I'm around 60 hours in, but I'm roaming around quite a lot, so I have not progressed very far in the main story (2/5ths or so).
As Souls fans that mostly loves them for their intricate level designs, I felt a bit underwhelmed at first, but now I'm fairly satisfied.
The world is beautifully created, with lot of diversity and verticality, and there's always something to bump into and new thing to explore.
So far I like it very much, but I have to admit that I still prefer Souls, but that's probably just me and my focus on level design in them as a main reason for me playing them.

I don’t know, but Elden Ring Fit Adventure would sell 15 million, easy.

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More than DS3, Bloodborne, and Nioh 2 combined. However much that is.

I happened to list the Soulslike games that I played extensively, so far I rate it like this.

Nioh 2 > DS3> Elden Ring> Bloodborne

As I play it, Elden Ring has a chance to surpass DS3, but no chance to beat Nioh 2.

Yeah, feel like adjusting from 20-25 to 30-35 million now at least.