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Forums - Gaming Discussion - They need to slow down the release of games..

There's too many games releasing or have released to keep up with. Who here works full time and is caught  up to date? The backlog never ends.  The game indusstry needs to spread out it's releases in my opinion. Too many games competing with each other and for time.

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Only buy the ones you're most excited for.

For me, gaming has taken a backseat. Started gaming less when I got married and it's lot less now with a 9 month old daughter! Having the time of my life, but when I do have the time to get a game, I know it has to be one that I 100% am going to play and beat because it has that much of my interest and excitement. I still get excited about new releases that before I would have gotten with no hesitation, but now I pass on most of them and hear about how good/bad they are. Which I guess could be a good thing as I'm not spending an insane amount of money on my hobby lol

I primarily play on PC and for the year of 2022, the games I'm playing are God of War, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves, Gotham Knights, Starfield, and Suicide Squad (but I've heard might be getting delayed) there might be a game or two added to that list like another PlayStation exclusive releasing on PC or a surprise announcement around E3 that'll release in 2022, but that's more or less the only games I'll be playing. I do have a Switch with Breath of the Wild 2 and Mario + Rabbids that I definitely would get, but that's not even guaranteed as both might get delayed to 2023. I might get a more casual game like Mario Strikers: Battle League or Splatoon 3, but I'm more on the fence.

Needless to say, I play my Switch almost 100% in handheld lol OLED model was a godsend for someone in my position.

Don't worry, I got you. Just buy me the games and I'll play them for you, free of charge.

I never understood why games release during the same period and leave like 8 months out the year with nothing. I get high demand periods during hollidays and Feb for taxes but if tour competing with 10 other games that gain is negated.

To aswer your question. Im not caught up. I'll skip my least interested games. But knowing me I'll probably wont come back and play them if something else catches my attention when I have time. Right now im playing horizon forbidden west and it will probably take me a month or more due to my job. Elden ring im skiping.

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I normally just pace myself with some games that I revert to during dry season. There’s always day 1 games but some I can go months without playing (still haven’t beaten Origami King).

It's pretty easy to catch up with your backlog.

Step 1) Buy the game on PC
Step 2) Get a save file from the internet that gets you to the final boss
Step 3) ???
Step 4) Profit


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Releae more games in the June-August period would alleviate the crowding of games in the early and end part of the years. I know Sony seems to have taken a bit more interest in releasing games in the summer months with Ghost of Tsushima and Tlou 2 both releasing in July and June respecitvely, we need more of that from everybody tbh.

It looks like Activision Blizzard has listened to you as CoD 2023 has been delayed to 2024.

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Weird mentality. Nobody is forcing you to buy all the games you're interested in the instant they release. If your backlog of things you want to play is "too big," all that really means is 1) You always have something to play, and 2) You'll never have to pay very much for games, because you're never in such a desperate need so as not to be able to wait on a great sale.

What's the problem? Games aren't food. They don't go bad if you leave them sitting around too long.