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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumour: Activision to Delay 2023 Call Of Duty

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 22 February 2022

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Good, I have only ever bought 3 COD games (downloaded a couple free on PS+ in addition to those three). I bought BO2, then Ghosts. Got burnt out on the series with those 2 and then bought Vanguard because a buddy of mine had been playing the last several in the series. He lives up north and it allowed us to play something together where our skill levels were more on par. I am so disappointed with Vanguard, the game is a buggy mess. I fully blame that game for finishing off my OG Vader PS4, granted it had taken a power surge once upon a time that blew out most of the northbridge (USB, Ethernet, ect would not function). The game pegs the shit out of the fan and often at really odd times (like right after a game is over and you're voting or right at start-up when connecting to services). It completely locked up the PS4 on multiple occasions the last being when the fan quit working all together. I replaced the fan but to no avail, fan won't spin and the PS4 overheats before it can even rebuild the database. I purchased a used PS4 Pro (for more money than I normally would have $350 - PS4 Pro, Phat PS2, 2 DS4 controllers and 10 physical games) after searching local marketplaces for about a month trying to find a good deal.
I'd say they definitely need to take a time out and not release such a mess the next time around.

Bloomberg has been wrong so many times that I'll believe it when I see it.


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I recall this being suggested a few weeks ago.

Seems probable to me

If true this will be very welcome and hopefully is a permanent shift.

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They should release them every two years.

A bi-yearly schedule makes more sense when they essentially have the second game Warzone, constantly there and being updated.

“ It's a shocking move that will have a massive impact on the franchise and the industry.” Lol okay sure a bit unexpected given what we’ve gotten used to from the franchise but no need to be so melodramatic.

Looks like I'll be playing Cold War until 2023 :(

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Captain_Yuri said:

Bloomberg has been wrong so many times that I'll believe it when I see it.

It's usually been his co-worker that has been wrong.

Can't think of too many times when Jason got something wrong.