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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Exclusive: 2K Has Secured the Lego Licence For a Range of Sports Games

The publisher has signed a new multi-game partnership with Lego, people with knowledge of its plans told us, as the construction toy firm looks to broaden its games output beyond the expiration of its exclusivity deal with Warner Bros.’ TT Games.

2K’s Lego sports line will kick off with a football/soccer game developed by Sumo Digital, VGC understands.

This will be followed by an open-world Lego racing game currently in development at WWE 2K22 studio Visual Concepts, we were told. This is the same title mentioned in job listings last week as an “open world driving game with a major license”.

The football title should release later this year to coincide with the FIFA World Cup, followed by the racing game in 2023. A third Lego sports title is also in development, based on a major sports franchise, sources said.

The 2K deal represents a new era for Lego games following a previous exclusivity deal with Warner’s TT Games. Since 2005, Lego’s console games based on licensed properties such as Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter, have virtually all been developed by the UK studio.

It also worked on original Lego games such as Lego City Undercover, Bionicle Heroes and the toys-to-life title Lego Dimensions, and had the ability to veto deals with other game developers proposing console titles, according to people with knowledge of its arrangement.

However, sources told VGC that Lego does not intend to extend the terms of its exclusivity deal with TT Games.

The developer has one unannounced Lego game planned beyond this year’s Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, we were told. Beyond that point, it’s not clear if the company will continue to work on Lego titles, but if it does it will not hold exclusive rights, the sources claimed.

TT Games’ Lego titles have enjoyed huge success over the years, selling millions of copies, garnering strong reviews and winning various awards. However, Lego is said to be looking to broaden its games output as the medium gains increased importance within the company.

Its decision not to extend its exclusivity agreement with Warner is thought to have been partly influenced by decreasing sales of its Lego titles, as younger audiences flock to social games such as Roblox and Fortnite, as well as uncertainty around Warner’s future in the games business.

Recent reports of alleged poor working conditions at TT Games are also said to have disappointed key figures at Lego, which like many Danish companies promotes a healthy work-life balance for its employees.

Exclusive: 2K has secured the Lego licence for a range of sports games | VGC (

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Lego NFL please. And even though it is made of legos, it will still be more realistic than Madden.

2K is going to raw dog parents credit cards on this even harder than their regular sports games! Every single parent who buys this is going to wonder, it's lego, what could be so harmful about lego sports?

Well thats TT games done for - its a shame they lost the license, their games are really well made.

Jumpinbeans said:

Well thats TT games done for - its a shame they lost the license, their games are really well made.

They only lost exclusive rights. TT Games are still allowed to pitch game concepts to the Lego company, this just means that other studios will also be pitching Lego game concepts to the Lego company. The report says that TT Games already has another unannounced Lego game in development for after Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga releases.

Think of it like what happened with EA and the Star Wars license. EA had exclusive Star Wars game rights from 2013-2020 (TT's Lego Star Wars rights were grandfathered and thus TT was the only non EA studio allowed to make Star Wars games from 2013-2020). The EA deal was originally supposed to be 2013-2023 but Disney backed out of the deal early using an escape clause in the contract. EA is still making Star Wars games after their exclusive rights ended in 2020, Jedi Fallen Order 2 is in development, and EA is additionally working on a new Star Wars shooter developed by Respawn and a new Star Wars RTS game. But other studios besides EA are also making Star Wars games now, Aspyr is making the KOTOR remake, Quantic Dream is making Star Wars Eclipse, Zynga is making Star Wars Hunters, Ubisoft Massive is developing an unannounced AAA open world Star Wars game on their Snowdrop engine. 

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Lego sports sounds boring.

I never played Lego City Undercover , but I think a Lego Grand Theft auto is possible ? Though it'll anger the core fans and delay GTA 6 even further.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

LudicrousSpeed said:

Lego NFL please. And even though it is made of legos, it will still be more realistic than Madden.

Beat me to the punch.  I'd be more tempted to hop on that annually versus the Madden franchise.  Bring back what made NFL 2k5 great, sell for a modest price, and potentially rake in the dough.