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Forums - General Discussion - ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin to Launch Marvel Comics Series

George R.R. Martin is joining forces with Marvel Comics.

The Game of Thrones author is bringing his Wild Cards stories to the hallowed comic imprint.

Marvel is adapting Martin’s first Wild Cards book, which kicked off a long-running anthology series in 1987 with stories by Martin, Howard Waldrop and Roger Zelazny.

The Wild Cards series tells the story of an alternate post-World War II history where Earth is home to super-powered individuals. When a human is infected with the alien Wild Card virus, the odds are that they will be killed — referred to as “drawing the black queen.” Of those that survive, the bulk becomes “jokers” — left with some strangely mutated form. A lucky few are “aces,” those gifted with superpowers they can put to use towards heroic goals … or villainous ones.

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Mike Hawthorne have signed on to create the comics for Marvel.

George R.R. Martin to Launch Marvel Comics Series – The Hollywood Reporter

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