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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Sports announced

Nintendo Switch Sports announced - Nintendo Everything

Successor to Wii Sports, coming April 29th.

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Wii Sports lives!!!!

PAOerfulone said:

Wii Sports lives!!!!

Wii Sport will never die!!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Very curious about this

As a gamer, no interest whatsoever as I always find it very boring, but I'm curious to see it this game still have demand or if it was just a fad 

I hope this will be a success.
Kinda sad there's no boxing, since that was my favorite in the original, but everything else looks great.

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Looks very much like a wii sports title, haha

Should sell well over 10 mil or even 20 mil.


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We certainly living in a better timeline seeing that it wasn't the sequel to 1-2 Switch some dreaded

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this is what the DSL was for the DS watch the switch sell 45 million next year

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My family still plays Wii Sports once or twice a month when we all get together (Yes, really), so this will be a welcomed replacement. I am extremely confused why they are releasing Golf later instead of just waiting until the game is actually finished and having it be a holiday title. They must be confident in Zelda coming out this year as their big juggernaut or something and don't want anything to interfere with it.

It's about 15 years, late but we finally get Wii Sports in HD!