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Forums - Sony Discussion - Bold prediction: Sony will sell The PS gaming Division before the end of 2024

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At this moment right now, Sony is receiving major deal offers in which Sony might split-off Sony Interactive Entertainment and sell it alongside its properties to a Trillion$+ company :

Amazon,Google,Tencent,or even Apple (I didnt mention Microsoft due to the higher possibility of anti-trust, buying a major publisher activision isnt even close to buying a competitor when it comes to anti-trust regulations)

Also keep in mind that Sony did sell off some of its major assets not long ago (Sony Online Entertainment, Vaio business, GNS Mobile just last year!), so as grim as it is, realistically the possibility is very real at this point.

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You from gaf or wut?


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Captain_Yuri said:

You from gaf or wut?

Yup, same guy

Before 2024?

Nup. I think they'll see the generation out at the very least.

I was actually thinking the same, but in reallity it's highly unlikely

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PlayStation is one of the most lucrative parts of Sony. The assets they sold recently hadn’t met expectations and projections for a while, and they’ve been trimming down the fat to concentrate on their strengths. With PlayStation being one of the pillars.

It is very doubtful they would get rid of their gaming division anytime soon.


weekend starts early for some of you eh?


Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I think it's highly possible. Playstation is Sony's least profitable division

Pinkie_pie said:

I think it's highly possible. Playstation is Sony's least profitable division

It’s actually the opposite Unironically (most profitable division right now), but it wont stay that way for long after this announcement, which is why it’s better to sell it soon while the PS iron’s still hot