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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many games have you finished in 2021?


How many games have you finished in 2021?

0 games 42 7.41%
1 - 5 games 213 37.57%
6 - 10 games 121 21.34%
11 - 20 games 89 15.70%
21 - 30 games 49 8.64%
31 - 40 games 12 2.12%
41 - 50 games 6 1.06%
51 - 75 games 6 1.06%
76 - 100 games 3 0.53%
More than 100 games 26 4.59%

After last week's backlog question made me wonder if I shouldn't have used different ranges for the poll options due to 200+ games winning out, it's only fitting to ask how many games people actually managed to finish in 2021.


Bonus question: Are there times when you feel obligated to finish certain games, meaning that the experience for you is more of an ordeal than actual fun?

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Probably somewhere close to 10 which is honestly very very good for me. Now who the HELL are those over 100 people, how



I've had my last day of work for this year on Friday, so I might still get to 150.

14, which is significantly less than in the previous few years, though to be fair 9 of those are RPGs that range in length anywhere between 35 and 110 hours, and with work taking so much more time this year it's honestly not that surprising that I haven't finished more games.

As far as feeling obliged to finish games, I usually just leave games I'm enjoying at the moment and come back to them later when I'm feeling like giving them another chance. Often the reason I don't finish a game is because I'm just not feeling it at that time, but when I come back to it I often end up really enjoying those games. Two examples that come to mind are Dark Souls and Resonance of Fate.

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The games I have completed this year, not including shorter indies:

Gears 4
Gears 5
Star Wars Jedi Fallen order
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
Battlefront 2
Titanfall 2
The Medium
Halo 4 (again)
Halo 3 (again)
Skyrim (non modded achievement run)
Doom 2016
Call of the sea
Wolfenstein 2014
Wolfenstein 2
Subnautica (kind of cheated on this one though)
The Ascent
Forza Horizon 4 (still working through the DLC though)
Rain on your parade
Donut County
What remains of Edith finch
Forza Horizon 5 (sitting at 810/1000 achievements and the only ones I have left are the online ones for the most part)
Halo Infinite

And then I also started a few games but didn’t beat, some of which I plan to return to, like Subnautica below zero and outriders

Not sure. 15-20 maybe. On the other hand I bought over 100.

Around just under 50 in total. A significant amount of those where replays of games I've beat before. It would be far far lower if it wasn't for Gamepass, like 30+ of those are from GP. I imagine next year my total beat will be probably the lowest it's ever been as I've kinda replayed and replayed replayed everything I wanted in the last 1-3yrs, think I'll stick purely to new games next year ....... After I've finished these further 5 replays.

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TheWalrusCaesar said:

Probably somewhere close to 10 which is honestly very very good for me. Now who the HELL are those over 100 people, how

counted it up and actually closer to 20. Forgot I went thru most of the Halo & RE franchise this year

DOOM Eternal
DOOM (1993)
Child of Light
Sonic Mania
Bravely Default
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
Metroid Dread

I'm on my way with SMT V, but at my sweet pace I highly doubt I can finish it before January 1st.

Anyone who is an adult and says more than 10, please tell me your secrets.

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