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Forums - General Discussion - What have I been doing since my temporary gaming retirement?

I started to drink water somehow I really like it I wasn't focused on water much before? I fixed my room LED , sold unnecessary things that cluttered my room which look nicer now, dress better, am enjoying my shorter haircut, about the things cluttering my room I sold things I didn't care like my addidas hoops 2.0 shoes sold for 20$ and sold a few rare Music CD's in FB and Craiglist and music stores. but I checked on discog for those prices showed them they are worth alot , no I have'nt sold the rarer more expensive Music I own like Kid creole  nor SMF 2 nor ATT will etc I just love owning luxery Items that cost alot in my house. So what do I do with the money from selling stuff I no longer use? I don't use the money to buy games though , I went on a trip to Mexico though , also started to try to connect with others in online dating moreso often since I no longer game I've learned to communicate with alot of girls I couldn't before in dating app most of them ghosted me because I said somethings like girl said she is looking for friends I then said me too , she ghosted me after, and another one she said she wanted to go to las vegas with me , I said no we barely met first day and she looks like a chola , so now I'm talking to more girls than before and I'll get the right one eventually . Until I have the girlfriend I'm searching then I'll come back to gaming. Blushes I'm learning to socialize .

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.