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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Pachter a meme/disliked/etc by other gaming groups beyond Nintendo fans?

I noticed a early Switch era thread by the man recently bumped up and seeing that made me wonder....and I decided to ask this on its own thread for topic focus. 

99% of the time I see this guy it is usually in regards to Nintendo, and it generally involved Nintendo fans wondering what he is smoking and laughing at how wrong he ends up being. I'm curious if he comes up with PC/PS/XBox fans if he gets the same sort of reactions. 

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

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Well he's stating the obvious usually, so not hard to be spot on when he says "Sony counts on its exclusives to be more appealing" or "Microsoft wants to change the focus from console sales to subscription services like Game Pass".


When it comes to Nintendo, he always goes with a very classic, narrow minded approach, such as "if Nintendo sells 1.5 million Switch during the summer, it will sell only 8 million the whole year" or "they should get rid of the base Switch and only sell it as a handheld".

I don't know if he's out of touch, or out of time, but after 4 years he still doesn't get the console

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To be fair
After the wii u a lot of people though the switch would have a rough time, myself included

Thankfully nintendo bounced back, but I've always seen nintendo as a wild card. They bounce between sucess and failure to such a degree its just impossible to tell what will happen to them next year, never mind next console gen

Everyone should consider him a joke.  In 2009, he predicted the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 (7th Gen) would be the "last" console generation.  A prediction that he then carried over in 2013, saying the 8th Gen would be the last console generation and that consoles will no longer be relevant in 10 years.  In 2011, he cost his investors opportunity at a 2,000+% return by advising them to sell their stocks in Netflix, calling the company "broken" and not worth more than "$6 a share".  Netflix is currently worth $646/share.

But, the reason that Nintendo fans get more riled up by his predictions are because he tends to dunk on Nintendo a bit more, like these gems:



A Visionary? History of Michael Pachter’s Bold Predictions (sorry, I couldn't find a link to the actual prediction, but here is a recap of it)

"Back in 2006, Mr. Pachter predicted that Nintendo will soon pull-out of the console business. He also claimed that Wii motion controls won’t be accepted by the community."


Motion Controls were so accepted that mid-gen, both Microsoft and Sony were forced to attempt to capitalize by releasing the Kinect and PlayStation Move to reinvigorate the sales of the Xbox 360 and PS3 which were lagging well behind the Wii.


July 2017

The Nintendo Switch will not be as successful as the Wii according to analyst

In his recent statement, Pachter said: - "Over time Switch will be fine it will do 50 million if the price comes down the curb. The question though is will it do a hundred? I don’t think so that’s 20 million a year. 10 Million a year for 5 years for sure, 20 Million a year ever probably not."


By the end of 2021, the Switch will have back to back years of selling over 20 million per year.  


October 2020

Nintendo Should “Get Rid of the Switch Console and Only Have the Switch Lite” – Michael Pachter

“I don’t really understand the whole hybrid concept,” Pachter told GamingBolt. “I think that was something Iwata did to differentiate the Switch, and he wanted to have a console that could go back and forth from console to portable. But I don’t think most people play it in both modes, I would say that maybe 20% of Switch owners play both modes; and I think most Switch owners play it handheld only. So I honestly don’t understand the whole point of the hybrid. Who cares? Play it as a handheld.”  “And Nintendo isn’t that smart,” he continued


Nevermind that the Hybrid model has consistently outsold the Lite, and that Nintendo's own data shows the hybrid was being used more in both modes than it was as a pure handheld.

I'm convinced the man has been incorrectly predicting Nintendo annual forecasts since the late 1800's.

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He is Teh Analyst God, so it's not matter of which console fans, the ones that hate him actually are either atheists or monotheists that believe in another deity (*). Maybe satanists too.  

(*) Naturally, many nintendists are monotheists too, so this explains their hate too. 

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At least since the Wii era, he has doomed them about every chance he got. People actually listen to him and he had his own show on Game Trailers at one point and was one of the hosts they had on a discussion panel. He put them down there. He just has a history of being negative about Nintendo.

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It's well beyond Nintendo fans. I am a Nintendo fan, but I also am a Sony fan and fan of other publishers/game company.
In 2019 he predicted the PS5 and Xbox Series X would be around 800 USD due to their specs and features floating around back then. It's such a bad prediction because Microsoft and Sony would be nuts to charge any more than 600 USD for those consoles. And thankfully they settled on 500 USD.
Sony charged 500 USD and 600 USD back in 2006 for the launch SKUs of the PS3 and it cost them dearly. And with inflation, they would cost hundreds more today.

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Yes, but to a much lesser extent.

Michael Pachter has proven himself to be an attention whore and he got so much attention with his anti-Nintendo tirades that he got his own show on Gametrailers, so he kept doing his trolling. For fans of other consoles there aren't all that many instances that stung; most noteworthy are his repeated predictions that consoles will go extinct which unsurprisingly is met with very negative reactions from any console fans.

Pachter's recent statements regarding Switch and Switch Lite were full-on trolling, because it's such a blatant disregard of publicly available data that even Nintendo haters didn't want to join his bandwagon.

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I've definitely seen him get called a joke on other websites. Can't say I remember if they were Nintendo fans or not.

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