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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Fable game?


What's your favorite Fable game?

Fable 97 35.14%
Fable II 134 48.55%
Fable III 35 12.68%
Fable Heroes 2 0.72%
Fable: The Journey 8 2.90%

I excluded the Pub Games spinoff from the poll options. I hope nobody minds.


Bonus questions: What are your hopes and expectations for the announced new Fable game?

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I still have the best memories of the first one. It was new, felt ahead of the times, played great. Fable 2 did everything better apart from the new car smell and was a bit too easy. (didn't like the dog sorry). Fable 3 went downhill and I lost interest in the series.

Fable 2 was my favorite.

As far as the new Fable goes, Playground is one of the most talented studios in the UK, and I'm confident the will do the franchise justice.

2 > 1 > 3 > Legends.

No Pub Games spinoff b/c you fear the results!

Hopes for New Fable: They don't completely cauterize the mainline series' humor & attitude.

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I have the fondest memories of Fable 2.
It was single player but they had this system where you could see other players in your game in the form of these bubbles. You could talk to them, give them gifts, and view their profile.

I was just starting out and some stranger gifted me like a million in-game dollars. It really made my journey easier. And talking to other gamers as we tried to solve a puzzle was awesome. I'd experienced nothing like it before.

They brought the feature back for Fable III but I just enjoyed Fable 2 more.

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I only played Fable 2 , But heard Fable 1 Lost Chapters is amazing?

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Never played one, but I always wanted to play the first one on the original XBox. Looked like it would’ve been right up my alley.

dx11332sega said:

I only played Fable 2 , But heard Fable 1 Lost Chapters is amazing?

When you put RPGs on a scale of Linear Adventure to Open World Collectathon, Fable 1 (and lost chapters) are the closest to adventure style RPG, while the further you go up, the more it goes into UBI style todo list open world RPG. Hence I like Fable 1 the most, least hand holding and least filler content.

I have a found memory for Fable2. So yeah... Fable 2 :)