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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Beauty Of Metroid Dread

I put together some of the best pics and clips of metroid dread and wanted to share.. now this is only my liking some pics you see.. you may not like but i hope you enjoy!!

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I love the art direction, lighting and animation in Metroid Dread.
Looks really great.

As I said in the Digital Foundry thread, I feel Dread's graphics are a testament to the value of restraint; that as cool as it is to see a system's limits pushed with high end effects, sometimes the opposite approach, working within the limits of the hardware to produce a game that runs silky smooth while still looking attractive and polished, can be equally worthwhile.

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This is among the best looking games on Nintendo Switch.

Especially when Samus gets to obliterate Raven Beak.


Just like with Prime, Dread's beauty is not the realism of its graphics but the cohesive and haunting atmosphere that is being conveyed. You truly get a sense of solitude and the unknown just by staring into these vistas. The graphics are not about photo-realism, but rather they are about making you feel like you are looking into a fully cohesive world. Every painstaking detail in the level design is thought out and given meaning and relevance. There is no suspension of disbelief necessary because like it feels like everything that you see has a history and fits seamlessly with the back story of the game.

One of the things that I Ioved most about Prime 1 was that even the equipment power-ups that you found during gameplay were completely justified in the backstory. For example, in Prime 1, it is explained that the Chozo left these items for Samus because their prophecy predicted that Samus would one day come to destroy the evil. I have not played Dread but just by watching this video, I can feel a lot of this same cohesiveness that allows you to forget that you are playing a game.

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Dread is a great example that while the Switch may not be as powerful  as even the base last gen consoles, it's still perfectly capable of producing a handsome game.

You don't need 4K or ray tracing to look good, just the hard work of skilled programmers and artists.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.