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Forums - General Discussion - Men's long hair.

Do you like it ?

I have a very short hair though.

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Depends on the hair style


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I used to have long hair, obviously I liked having it long. I keep it much shorter nowadays since I'm mostly bald up top on the back. It's much easier on maintenance, and I don't get profiled at the airport anymore. My long hair always got me into secondary screening... Randomly selected they said, 100% success rate lol. Old, balding, harmless!

I've had long hair for close to 20 years now. I have thought a few times about cutting it short, but I'm not really sure what style I'd go for.

I tried growing it out one year but it just turned into a big fro.

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I had long hair back around 1989-1993, but got it cut short in the summer of '93. I tried growing out again back in the very late 90s, but cut it short again. That second time, it just got to be too aggravating. I guess when I was a kid it wasn't too much of a bother, but as a young adult it just seemed like a hassle to maintain. Back in 2003 I had gotten my hair cut shorter than I asked and I decided I liked that, and for the past 18 years I've been trying to keep my hair cropped short.


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I tend to not be the biggest fan of long hair, regardless of gender. But long hair can look cool on a guy. In general, I like hair shoulder length or shorter.

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Not really, even for girls I really do like short/tomboyish hair

As for myself I have a curly 3C hair it can REALLY become messy after some time, although I really love how it looks like it's just too much work to keep it looking healthy, this is how it looks if I let it grown too much without proper care (I cut it off that day):

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My wife won't allow me to cut my hair, she absolutely adores my long hair. So I just let em grow, because when my wife is happy I am also happy. :)

Besides, I have to enjoy it while I still can. I'm seeing early signs of genetic hair loss so it's just a matter of time until I will go bald, lol.

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Gotta say I'm more of a short hair person, usually like it better on people of any gender.

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