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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, anyone here pick up the Switch OLED?

If so, how are you finding it?

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We've run a poll on Twitter. So far about 15% of people have bought one, 10% plan to buy one, 14% on the fence, and 61% are not interested. 

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Too expensive, i don't think it's going to sell nearly as well as many people think it will. Initially it will sell well, like all new systems. But the Switch has been losing a lot of momentum the second half of this year along with zero price cuts and all their games still the same price isn't helping. 


I am quite on the fence about it
I've had my origional switch since day 1 and was apparently one of the lucky few to have no issues with it at all (joycon drift or disconnection problems)
The oled looks like a cool upgrade and it only cost £10 more in the UK then the OG switch at launch, but I'm worried my luck will run out if I get the oled and I will start having issues with the console.

Was planning to, decided to buy other things instead, namely because Dane is supposed to release next year. I can wait. I also think comments like Ashadelo's are not without merit, but hopefully this new model ends up breaking the skepticism like the Switch always has done so.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

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I pre-ordered one because I play in handheld 90% of the time lol so a larger screen and OLED panel were great upgrades for me. It’s definitely an experience!!!! No screenshot or video can do justice how big the screen is and how bright/dark the colors get. Just Metroid Dread loading the main menu is a great representation just how black the backgrounds get. This is also my first OLED experience, so maybe it’s just me lol but seeing black areas of the game screen being just as black as bezels is really impressive to me! Plus more colorful games like MK8 Deluxe are even more colorful than ever before. Kinda makes me want to play in handheld 100% of the time lol. The screen is very much a fingerprint magnet though!

For sure though, this thing isn’t for everyone. It is dedicated only to those who mainly play in handheld.

I didn’t pre-order but was lucky enough to be first in line the morning of launch at GameStop. They weren’t expecting much demand, but by 7am 10 people were in line, wiping out their non-preorder allocation.

No one had pre-ordered the neon version, which meant there were only two white ones available, but the remaining folks were happy to be going home with an OLED. And these weren’t scalpers. Everyone was buying one for themselves. Some were buying one and giving their current model to their sibling or parent.

Overall it was a fun time hanging out and waiting to get our systems. It reminded me of a real launch as opposed to a mid-gen variation.

Metroid also did very well with them getting rid of all special editions and physical copies. I think this anecdotal evidence bodes well for the OLED launch and Metroid sales figures, at least in my little corner of California.

And by the way, I love my OLED. Have enjoyed playing it tabletop, which I rarely did with my OG. The dock feels much nicer now as well, with less chance to scratch the back of the unit. Both my girlfriend and her son who have Switches were feeling a bit jealous and were contemplating their own trade ins by holiday when they are less scarce.

I don’t think most will upgrade, but I do think this helps revitalize the Switch hype a bit as the new model is shiny and unique once again. Christmas will be a very good time for Nintendo.

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I got in line at Target Friday morning. I was first. They had one white, one blue/red. I took the white and went home.

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I'm not planning on it, if it improved graphics or frame rate while plugged into the tv I would have considered it. For those who are a Gamestop Pro member, they are giving you $260 for a trade in of your old Switch. $220 is the regular trade in value plus a $40 bonus.