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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Forza Horizon game?


What's your favorite Forza Horizon game?

Forza Horizon 29 10.98%
Forza Horizon 2 19 7.20%
Forza Horizon 3 76 28.79%
Forza Horizon 4 140 53.03%

Forza's spinoff Horizon has become its own popular racing game series. What's your favorite of the bunch?


Bonus question: What are your hopes and expectations for the upcoming Forza Horizon 5?

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Tough choice between 3 and 4 because both were amazing. I like the setting of Horizon 3 a bit more as there was more environment variety, but 4 has a bigger and better car list, the addition of seasons, and a few other improvements, so I give the edge to 4.

4, from what Ive played of the series.

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FH4, will likely be FH5 when it releases.

I liked 4 the best. I tried #3 but there were issues with the PC version for me but 4 ran as smooth as butter. The only thing I don't like is the generic avatars and the zoomer dances when you win but the cars, graphics and races themselves are great! The map is also awesome and the addition of seasons is amazing. Not to mention I loved the DLCs as well.


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I remember the original the most fondly. It's the one I can still remember the races from and the map, it made a lasting impression.

FH4 has a great map as well, but I was not a fan of getting locked into seasons. Some things just couldn't be completed in winter season and you simply had to leave it until another week or whenever the seasons change.

For 5, more dynamic weather, better AI, less festival stuff. Add some more stunt areas, like Burnout paradise.

I played 4 the most so I'll go with that one. It was the best overall package. Very good chance FH5 will become my favorite.

Haven't actually played any of the Horizon games, although now it's been released on Steam I will eventually get around to playing 4.

I've only played 3 so it's an easy choice for me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Forza Horizon 3. Only played 3+4 and they're very similar and close. I just prefer the setting of 3. I mean I'm from the UK...

Then again 4 did have less multiplayer bugs than 3... only just but...