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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo home consoles or Nintendo handhelds?


Which was better?

NES/SNES/N64/GC/Wii/Wii U 41 77.36%
Gameboy/GBA/DS/3DS 12 22.64%

Before they were unified by the Switch, which Nintendo system line do you think was better, home consoles or handhelds, and why?

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GameCube > Wii U > Switch > GBC > SNES> 3DS > N64 > DS > GB > GBA > Wii > NES

All other answers are false booleans.

I prefer the SNES alone to every dedicated handheld they ever had. I could take or leave their handhelds in general. DS and GBA were excellent. GB is eh and 3DS is so lame. Switch is just on another level tho to me. So so so many 90s games. Or modern games that appeal to me.

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Nintendo Nintendo.

I’m a console gamer. I like the hybrid nature of the Switch, but mostly because it’s so easy to pack up on a trip or to take it from room to room (I have multiple docks).

I did enjoy my GBA for some Castlevania And Metroid, but didn’t go to much beyond those games.

On the DS I played Chibi Robo: Park Patrol, Metroid Hunters (which I didn’t enjoy that much), Nintendogs, which was an interesting concept, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and the New Super Mario series.

But I much prefer to be playing video games on my couch on a big screen. I probably would have enjoyed a lot more DS titles if they came to the Virtual Console, but so far that hasn’t been in the cards.

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Home consoles by default.

The SNES & NES are my two favorite consoles ever. The N64 still a contender for top five. The Wii U was a good system that was sorely underappreciated. The Wii and the GameCube, on the other hand, didn't grab in the way the others did.

However, handheld gaming was something I never really got into. I had a Game Boy and while it was enjoyable, I never felt it was in the same class as its home console contemporaries were. When the GBA and DS came out, I never made it a point to go buy one. I did get a 3DS XL, but I have hardly any games for it and it mostly collects dust. I've just always been a TV-oriented gamer. Even with the Switch, I mostly play it in docked mode these days.

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Home consoles by a million miles!

Handheld consoles just suck! A miniature screen and a battery? Jog on. I'll take a 50 inch TV and mains power over that any day! Plus even controllers designed for people with 3 hands are more comfortable to hold than a handheld.

Even the games are better. IMO the only decent games on Nintendo's handheld consoles were the Pokemon games, and they were held back by being on handhelds and could've been better if they were home console games instead. All the other games were just better on home consoles. The home console Mario games >>>> handheld Mario games and so on.

I personally skipped most Nintendo handhelds and instead, went for their consoles so... Consoles!


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I have all portable Nintendo videogame.

I skipped Gamecube ( played the good games on Wii), and Wiiu( same thing now with the Switch.

I love arcade games, computer games. So I m a portable guy with arcade and PC roots. 

So... hybrid Nintendo?

Their portables didn’t appeal to me aside from 3DS. It was the first Nintendo handheld that had clean 3D graphics.

Consoles graphics were always ahead of the competition until Wii. Those consoles had the better game catalogs too.