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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Anyone here playing pokemon Unite?


Are you playing it?

I dont like it. 2 50.00%
Yes i like this. 2 50.00%
Best game ever. 0 0%
I am a scrub and i suck at moba games. 0 0%

Downloaded and played 2 matches, seems like its a moba game , its similar to ine league of legends mode that people dont play. From the 2 matches i played i had fun so i guess i will keep playing. I am playing on my phone but will dust off my switch and play there too. Graphics look great IMO.

No one talking about this game, nintendo ahould promote this more.


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No interest

Zero interest in any Pokémon Co.'s mobile projects. They've done too much damage to the actual games for me to really be fine playing them. Plus I've heard Unite is extremely Pay to Win, sooooo...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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No interest in it whatsoever, but I saw a YouTuber play it, and it's broken as fuck with some super wacky pay to win stuff... that has made me definitely never want to try it.

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I don't play pay to win games.