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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I tried Omen of Sorrow (indie fighting game) Devs from Chile

The characters feel abit stiff but it's playable and fun, also noticed when I was practicing Thalessa her combo chains are super hard unhealthy way , I don't wanna try another character because I like Thalessa . and the graphics look really good for an Indie developer from South America . I would like to see These guys make another game Aone games really got the graphics and design down, I like Dr. Hyde too , and Caleb who is a wolf. South american style combo system is making it hard for me or maybe it's just Thalessa ? Well, there's a meter thing bottom left or right if 2nd player that determines of what you get If you get fortune and you combo you can combo cancel into a bigger combo etc Sorry I haven't played much, and if you get fate you're doomed , I like the graphics of this game so much though It also looks better than Skullgirls another indie developer I like TBH , I think Aone games should make another fighting game they have potencial I hope the Xbox One and PS4 sales give them enough for another fighter that's even better.

This is me struggling on those input chain will take awhile to understand Thalessa.

It's not actually a bad game it reviewed bad at launch for ps4 but within days they patched the PS4 version to run better and the Xbox one version is a 2021 release with all the good patches that make this more awesome. It's not ultra fluid still abit stiff but they are in the right track .

Just like the other fun fighting games Koihime Enbu and Nitro Plus because reviewers didn't understand how to play the game

Reviews are subjective, and in my opinion the game is worth getting. Cheers

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