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Forums - General Discussion - If you could only choose ONE THING - what is more important to you?


Whats more important to you? Choose one thing from these options

Anime/Manga 7 17.95%
Dance 1 2.56%
Drawing 2 5.13%
Sing 2 5.13%
Meditate/yoga 0 0%
sleeping in 8 20.51%
read books/newspaper 10 25.64%
sports 5 12.82%
theater 1 2.56%
I can not decide 3 7.69%

Today i saw an entertaining poll on the street and found the result interesting. I didn't include games, real series and music in this survey because that's (i think) standard for all of us.

If you could only choose ONE THING - whats more important to you?

drawing, anime/manga, dance, meditate/yoga, sleeping in, read books/newspaper, sports, sing or theater ?

And why =) ?

I would go for Anime, because they have the best stories/soundtracks/characters from all media for me :) The variety is awesome as in the gaming/music-sector. And I recently saw on a page that there are well over 18,000 anime-series/movies in the world.

Let's see what you choose from these options :)

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Does books means entertainment only or both entertainment and studying? If means both, It's books and it's not even close

Second close would be animes/mangas, I love them, but I don't have as much time as in past

Third would theaters, I'm already not going as much after pandemic, which sucks, I used to attend on weekly basis

Singing would be hard, it's sometimes automatic. I listen music and then start singing

I find sports ok, don't mind never watching them anymore

I almost never draw and never dance

Well, I like sleeping in but it’s a bad habit. Most of those are escape from reality. So in terms of social and health benefits, I’d choose between singing, dancing, and sports. Singing and dancing are the ones girls will enjoy. Dancing has the most health benefits, girls are crazy s as bout it. I’ll go with Dance!

Easy, sport. I love sport, both watching and playing!

Not into dancing, I'm only sometimes into anime, don't like reading manga/books, singing is great but sport > karaoke, meditation is the thing on that list I most dislike, my body doesn't seem to be capable of sleeping in, woke up at 5am and 7am over the weekend, WTF?, theatres are absolutely rubbish, I hate plays and find musicals abhorrent, movies are much better.

I love books, and reading in general.
It would suck to give up ever reading books or even news sites ever again (sometimes its important things).
I'm surprised so many are fine with it lol.

Next after books/news, would probably be Anime/Manga tbh.
(could easily live without singing, danceing, drawing ect)

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There's some intense ones in there but singing is too much.

From those choices, I guess Anime wins out over reading books. But it's a seasonal thing. Reading outside in nice weather > watching anime inside. Yet it's fall, it's raining, winter is coming, anime season is starting and Peter F Hamilton is going into hibernation for the next 6 months.

How does this sleeping in thing work? Sounds nice, haven't managed since 2008 at least :/

I mean, sleeping in for obvious reasons. Sleeping is my biggest hobby.

By "theater" do you mean cinemas or stage plays & musicals?

If it's the former, hoo-boy. It'd be really, really hard, but I'd probably have to give up cinemas. I've always loved the big-screen experience, and I go to the movie theater at least 12 times a year (except for last year, for obvious reasons). But I've also been a regular anime watcher since the late 90s on up to the present. Giving up cinemas doesn't mean giving up movies entirely, though. I could always watch them at home. It's not the same even with my big 4K TV and solid stereo system, but still. One choice involves giving up a very specific experience I just happen to really love, but it doesn't involve giving up on the content provided by the experience. The other involves giving up an entire medium.

Now if we're just talking stage theater, I couldn't give a flip about that. It's never been my cup of tea.

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Out of those choices, sleeping in