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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid dread and Oled model - Show of hands


What are you buying

Metroid Dread game only 40 59.70%
Metroid Dread + Switch OLED 19 28.36%
Metroid Dread + Regular Switch 0 0%
Metroid Dread + Switch Lite 0 0%
Only Switch OLED 1 1.49%
Only Regular Switch 1 1.49%
Only Switch Lite 0 0%
Waiting for prime 4 6 8.96%

Hi all, with the release if Metroid dread and the new Seitch OLED model, I'm ready to make the jump.

Who among us is buying Metroid Dread and who is buying the OLED model, post below or vote in the poll so we can enjoy some hype together.

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Dread digital (for now) and OLED if I can fricking find one.

I am not buying either.

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Received the Mariko model last spring as a present, and last week I bought WarioWare. I am set for the rest of the year.

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My Day 1 Switch I will give to my kids and treat myself with OLED Switch, and obviously Metroid Dread which is my most anticipated game for the year.

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No point in getting the OLED model for me.

Neither of my Switch consoles have ever left their respective docks, so it's just a waste of money.

Metroid Dread was a day 1 pre-order for me.

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Dunno and dunno.

Metroid has a pretty decent chance of finding it's way into my home, but I haven't ordered it or anything. The OLED model I don't really need, but who knows it could be an impulse buy at some point.

Preordered Metroid Dread and the amiibo as soon as it was possible.
I'm content with my Switch v2 for the time being.

I kinda want an OLED, but it would be an impulse buy. So if stock isn't readily available at some point this year, I probably won't bother.

I'm getting the OLED because I have a launch Switch (as in made in 2016) and I was always looking to get a V2 model cause I play mostly handheld so I want the extra battery life. The OLED has that extra battery life plus twice the internal storage, and the OLED screen of course. So this fits perfectly for me.