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Forums - Sales Discussion - When will Xbox Series X/S outsell the Dreamcast?

Dreamcast was released 1998. It sold 8.20 million LT according to VG Chartz.

Xbox Series X/S was released 2020. So far (September 4th 2021) it sold 7.07 Million, according to VG Chartz.

When do you think Xbox Series X will outsell the Dreamcast?

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I'll say by the end of October to very early November.

Hopefully never.

Soon, xbox is the new sega


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Won't take long, definitely this year, definitely by the end of November, maybe by the end of October, but probably sometime in early November.

Pretty sure Dreamcast sold over 9 million.

Dreamcast will have been slain by mid-November. Nothing stops Game Pass, not even Soul Calibur. It is what it is.

Dreamcast sold 9999 Quintillion systems across the universe. So never. Dreamcast in 2021 still gets new games like Xenocider. XSX won't sell enough to get ganes for it 23 years later. ;)

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Before Black Friday. Probably early to mid November at the latest. Some point in October is possible as well.

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