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(When they Cry: Kai ED)

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Isnt it curious how literally every Anime opening song is way better in its latin american version?

Very curious

Some classics here, just mainstream:

GoTY 2022:

Jpcc86 said:

Isnt it curious how literally every Anime opening song is way better in its latin american version?

Very curious

GT opening sounds better in Japanese, in my opinion. Moreover, and I'm not sure if I'm wrong, the song can also be found in a higher quality in Japanese, the Spanish version sounds muffled. 

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This song makes me happy

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Speaking of different laguage openings, I found it interesting that the DBZ movies all had different soundtracks throughout the English dub versions, and by 'different soundtrack' I mean they just literally had a mix of popular grunge and metal songs from the 80s/90s. But it had the odd epic moment:

The TV series also had very different soundtracks. The english dub featured a lot more electric and pop to create some of those epic scenes, whereas the original Japanese used more subtle and orchestrated background tracks which complement the voice-acting rather than overpowering it. But that's because the Japanese voice-acting is a lot better.

The one time during the Japanese version where they actually used a pop song was for Gohan's first SSJ2, and it's the best scene from any version in my opinion:

Pretty sure a similar thread was done in the past, remember posting in atleast one years ago:

I will just copy&paste my post from then:

I'm going to post my openings in spanish, since my favourites are from my childhood
(you will notice they repeat the chorus a few times...)

Exploradores del Espacio (Queen Millennia) - (full song)
Has nostalgia all over it, damn Telecinco has the rights and will never release the spanish dub.

Oliver y Benji (Captain Tsubasa) - (full song)
Super hit everywhere it went!

Los Caballeros del Zodíaco (Saint Seiya) - (HD version)
Another super hit!

Now the childhood is done, and since Heidi has already been mentioned, here come random "classics"

Marco -

Shin Chan -

Neon Genesis Evangelion -

FLCL since it's The Pillows -

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 My fav anime song this year.

I have watched this so many times and i ain't getting bored of it.

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