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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tales of Arise Review Thread- 87 OC, 87 MC


PS5 87 with 50 reviews
PS4 78 with 6 reviews
PC Unscored with 3 reviews
Xbox Series 85 with 6 reviews
Xbox One Unscored with 0 reviews

Open Critic

87 with 67 reviews

To put into perspective just how good an 87 meta is for the series, here are the western metascores for the earlier games in the series:

  • Tales of Symphonia- 86
  • Tales of Vesperia- 79
  • Tales of Berseria- 79
  • Tales of Eternia- 78
  • Tales of the Abyss- 78
  • Tales of Xillia- 78
  • Tales of Hearts- 78
  • Tales of Destiny 2- 78
  • Tales of Graces- 77
  • Tales of Destiny- 73
  • Tales of Legendia- 72
  • Tales of Zestiria- 72
  • Tales of Xillia 2- 71

If Arise can stay at 88, it will become the new highest rated game in the series in the west, surpassing Symphonia.

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Already have it pre-ordered on PC. Hopefully there are little to no optimization issues as I am pretty excited to play it.


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I knew this was going to be Tales' return to glory! I'll get it on PC.

With only 78 on PS4 I will wait until I get a PS5 to play it. I really excited now 

Looks good, and I'm definitely going to get the game at some point, though probably not anytime soon. Still have too many other big games to get through. It wasn't that long ago I finished Berseria anyway, so I'm still good on Tales games for now.

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IcaroRibeiro said:

With only 78 on PS4 I will wait until I get a PS5 to play it. I really excited now 

PS4 version's current score probably has less to do with its quality and more with the review count. I think it's going up a few points.

You can tell they put abit more effort into this one as well. Hopefully it goes onto sell better for it, devs should be rewarded for good showings.

Give props to gamespot for pointing out that the DLC is garbage, been a fact for a while with the series, but is nice to bring it up still.

I'm anxious to play Arise, not that excited or confident about it but I'm open to being surprised. Can say I'll always contend about the visuals, is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as Vesperia, unless there is somehow such a big discrepancy between videos and playing it myself, I can't say I see what is so beautiful/gorgeous about it.

That's higher than I expected.
Seems promising from what I've heard. I have the Ultimate Edition pre-ordered.

I hope it stays as high, haven't really been interested in a Tales game since Symphonia

this one looks like a big step for the series

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