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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Did you manage to get a PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X yet?


Did you manage to get a PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X yet?

Yes, both of them 61 5.60%
Yes, PS5 274 25.14%
Yes, XSX 126 11.56%
No, still looking for a PS5 116 10.64%
No, still looking for an XSX 75 6.88%
No, was always going to buy later 200 18.35%
No, have no interest in either one 238 21.83%

Simple question.


Bonus question: How satisfied are you with your purchase(s)?

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No, Pc and Switch in this gen.

( Steam deck later). 

Both are sold out whenever I look, and I'm too late whenever there is a surprise drop, but I could purchase an Xbox Series S with very little trouble.

I got both. I used the PS5 much more than Series X but both are being very lightly used as they have hardly any exclusive games on them but it's what I expected when I bought them. The $70 price tag on games also makes me want to wait for a sale before buying them.


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Hoping to pick up a PS5 around the holidays (as impossible as I'm sure that will be). Otherwise I have a PC that can play most modern games and I just picked up a Switch for some releases like Mario Party Superstars so I'm mostly satisfied either way

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No, I've been refreshing the online store page about daily since March I think, no go. I visited my local game store yesterday and they said they haven't seen a ps5 for over a month now. Not taking pre-orders, no idea when they'll get some in. First come first serve, but not going to put my tent up in front of the store or follow delivery trucks around :p

Meanwhile my ps5 game collection is growing... as well as a bunch of 4K blu-rays I want to watch.

Back to PC, Beyond a steel sky looks tempting.

I was able to preorder a PS5 at launch, and I bought a Series X back in June. I got both of them in-store from GameStop, both by getting there early. It's amazing how much easier it is to buy a console when they actually put them in a physical store instead of dropping all the stock online just for them to sell out nearly instantly due to a combination of limited stock and scalpers and their army of bots.


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Yes, PS5.
Only got it cause my PS4 was dying. Mostly playing PS4 or cross gen games on it.
Switch is my main platform for the time being though and it looks to be that way for a good bit longer.

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PS5, I was able to grab one for my friend, helped him set it up, tested out the free games Sony gave in the PS Plus Collection etc... very smooth. Looking forward to grabbing one when a slim version comes out.

Xbox Series X? No. But I saw a number of Series S in stock and was tempted to pick one up but I didn't really have any interests so I just passed.

Got my PS5 back in November and my Series X back in April.
I use my PS5 sparingly as I mainly play SP games on it, and my Xbox more often because of the MP games I play. Honestly both are worth getting as soon as you can, I found the extremely fast load times was a bigger deal than I thought it would be. I can never go back to my Xbox one or PS4.