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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Doom game?


I think the best is...

Doom (1993) 14 26.42%
Doom II 7 13.21%
Doom 64 3 5.66%
Doom 3 2 3.77%
Doom (2016) 15 28.30%
Doom Eternal 12 22.64%

Which game in the venerable Doom series do you think is the best, and why?

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2016. Modernized the series while keeping it simple stupis or KISS. Eternal made DMC in FP which is fine but it overcomplicated it and slowed the pacing way down. 2016 mocked games heavy on exposition...then Eternal went the opposite way.

2016 is the perfect Doom game to just pop in relax and fuck shit up. Easy to pick up. Hard to put down. I scream FUCK YEAH! While Eternal I scream WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT BULLSHIT?


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Nostalgia says Doom 64. Objectively, Doom 2016 is probably the best.

Doom. The game that started it all. Its one of the most influential games in video games history and still holds true today. The guns feel great and simply well, fun to play. With some great designs and top notch level designs and also a shit tonne of mods which are still being made. A timeless classic imo.

Doom 2 improved upon that, in most aspects. Still going with 1 since it had the most impact on me (personally) and the industry.

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The first one is still clearly the best. The soundtrack is one of the best in gaming history and the level design is substantially better than the other games in the franchise. Weapons feel good and exploration is incentivised. The graphics have aged extremely well, and the overall atmosphere is just outstanding.

DOOM II keeps most of what made the first one great, but the level design isn't quite up to the same standard, it mostly keeps the difficulty high by throwing the player into unfair situations or flooding the screen with enemies. Nevertheless DOOM II still holds up and is a worthy entry.

DOOM 64 is surprisingly outstanding and probably the second best in the franchise. One of the most atmospheric games as well.

Never actually played DOOM 3, but from what I have read and heard, it is a major deviation from the other games, unfortunately not in a good way.

DOOM (2016) revitalized the franchise, it is a very good game, fast and with good gunplay. Graphics are great as well. It's only the third best in the series though, mainly because it focuses too much on throwing the player into arenas that have to be cleared to progress. You never have as much freedom as in the classic games and the game always tells you where to go. And with the exception of one, the levels are not so interesting to explore.

DOOM Eternal makes the formula needlessly complicated while still maintaining the issues of its predecessor. It is still good though, it has the most varied environments, and the platforming sections offer a nice change of pace, for the most part.

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Any of the Brutal Dooms, those games are on another level.

But if we are referring to just official Doom releases than probably Doom 2, in its day, everyone was playing it and the mod community was excellent. I remember playing Doom 2 Simpson mod, good times.

It's either the original or the 2016 one.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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2016 is alright, but the original Doom is the one I've played and enjoyed the most, so it gets my vote.

The old ones can be fun but 2016 is the only one I had the ambition to fully finish through. A blast from beginning to end (havent got a chance to play Eternal yet)

Doom II. The first campaign of the first game is the best Doom has to offer, but I didn't enjoy the other campaigns that much. Doom II is much more consistent. I also enjoyed Doom 3, but it's definitely not the best one either.

The newer ones though? I don't really enjoy the 2016 game much at all, so I probably won't even try Eternal. I hate glory kills, and there's too much incentive to exploring every nook and granny. I'm also not a huge fan of upgrading weapons in the 2016 game. All in all, there's too much to hate and to worry about for what attempts to be a fun and relaxed game more than anything.