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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Suggestion: Nintendo game experiences and KVM dock with support for Mouse/KB - New control input opportunity


If Nintendo made a dock and new AAA IPs for Mouse/KB

Would buy 1 25.00%
Would try 1 25.00%
Would Skip 2 50.00%

Nintendo, since the N64, has proved its place as a console manufacturer by always pushing hardware innovations (invented by them or on more obscure products prior) such as the rumble pack, the analog stick, the shoulder buttons, and just a greatly integrated HW/SW experience, proven especially with games like Super Mario 64 (analog stick), The Legend of Zelda 64 (analog stick, z-trigger, rumble feedback), Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. A few years later, Nintendo's place as a manufacturer was put into question during the Gamecube and then the WiiU years, when its home console designs, thought innovative, floundered. They continued to justify their place as a manufacturer by stating that they desired to bring smiles on peoples' faces, and that they needed more control on the hardware design in order to do that.

Over the years, they have tried a cornucopia of various hardware techniques and novelties to make many turn heads, such as the Wii's motion controls, the 3DS' 3D feature (which probably made people's heads spin rather), red-on-black "VR" with the virtual boy, portable gaming with the gameboy and game & watch, infrared since the gameboy color, rumble, data packs, on-controller screens, hybrid designs, and detachable multi-function joycons for various experiences such as Ring Fit or Labo. Also jumping into the smartphone arena, Nintendo was not so afraid after all to try new input controls on mobile. However, Nintendo has also flirted with odd controllers such as the R.O.B.  the Robotic Operating Buddy, the zapper gun, the power glove and tons of other creative hardware ideas that came from their past as a cards and then toys manufacturer. And apart from the Super Scope 6, some of you may remember the mouse on the SNES mainly used for Mario Paint, but also for other games (shock!). 

Fast foward to 2021, where the Switch is a portable-home console hybrid with a dock, and this dock has a few usb inputs that can welcome a mouse and keyboard. These are used for very few aspects, such as writing text in regular text fields and password fields, as well as for fortnight.

Keyboard & mouse connection on switch:

Fortnite mouse & keyboard on switch:

With Nintendo priding itself in making use of the most input controls for the most varied of experiences, I am starting to wonder where is the use of the most available technology such as mouse and keyboard? Now that the Switch is a docked Nintendo console as compared to the U or Wii before it, it would be easy to add an extra dock beside the computer that can be plugged into a PC monitor and having its own mouse and keyboard. Or better yet, it could be plugged into the PC's USB C or USB 3.0 ports and be used to charge the Switch as well as accept the inputs from the PC's mouse and keyboard, even giving the option to block the inputs on the PC if possible to act as a form of KVM switch, or just be a KVM switch, taking in the inputs from mouse and keyboard and redirecting them to the PC on the click of a button on the dock.

As a bit of a fan of League of Legends and of Smash brothers, the two games I played the most competitively, I could only wonder what would happen if Nintendo made its own MOBA using old school characters as is the tradition with Smash, or an online FPS with mouse/kb support (it could be Splatoon). Since Nintendo prides itself on accessibility and new control experiences, now that we are passed the bottlenecks of the SNES Mouse, why not produce some new experiences that could also easily be also ported on PC and start attracting cross-customers like Microsoft is doing? Or just keep it exclusive but offer experiences that are currently nearly impossible on the Switch given Nintendo's lack of energy for and lack of integration of the KB/Mouse input controls.

Thoughts, comments, and what PC-type input control experiences would you like to see Nintendo do? Metroid Prime? Advanced Wars? Fire Emblem? A new IP in the genres of Strategy, RPG and/or FPS?


Last edited by padib - on 03 September 2021