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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is it fun that Xbox/Nintendo are sharing games more often?


Do you like the current team up of Nintendo/Microsoft?

Yes 14 77.78%
No 4 22.22%
Who Needs Ori We have God... 0 0%

Everybody knows Microsoft ported Ori exclusively to Switch/Xbox but not PS4 same with cuphead And Cave Shmup Mushihimesama, and espgaluda 2 from xbox 360 been ported to switch not on PS4. more Xbox/Switch ports happening, Switch ported octopath traveler and rumors of bravely default 2 being ported to Xbox now. 

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Yes. The more systems the game is available the better

Cuphead is on all systems.

Yes, I love the Ori games. Played them on Switch.

Nintendo doesn't share games with anyone.

MS releases Minecraft everywhere.

Sony releases MLB on Xbox now.

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Switch isnt in direct competition with Xbox and also its not its bigger AAA titles.
Still, it is nice having those on Switch as they are really great games.

Wouldnt have minded having Psychonauts 2.

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Not for me, no. I like it better when each console has it's own distinct lineup and vibe. It's more dynamic that way.

I'm confused by the premise. Are you suggesting that 3rd party games being multiplatform is a sign off shared commitment between Xbox and Switch? Or that MS and Nintendo are sharing games (they aren't really)?

Multiplatform games are hitting as many devices as possible: this seems to have been the norm for quite a while now.

Octopath and bravely default 2 aren't Nintendo games. Nintendo never shared ever. Sony do releases some of their games on PC

dx11332sega said:

Switch ported octopath traveler and rumors of bravely default 2 being ported to Xbox now. 

I'm pretty sure Square Enix did that, not "Switch".

i'm sure it's fun for Nintendo, but why would it be good for Xbox? I mean, it's kind of a one-way thing, Xbox shares with Nintendo's, but Ninty don't give them anything ( except for sales money)

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