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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Upcoming Indie Fighting games will die faster (hope Not)

Metal Revolution already released few months ago I didn't know It already dead, I noticed something with these games , People on Nintendo Switch got burnt , I supported Undernight at launch we had several people then few months later Nintendo Switch version dead , Skull girls I bought late on Nintendo Switch found out it's dead , I know Blade Strangers and snk heroines are dead the smaller groups with louder voices saying they'd buy a game do buy it but in few months it's dead people are burnt which is why Fighting Ex layer Dash died way to early on Switch , we switch fanbase (majority) know the pattern Undernight is a better game than Fighting Ex layer and barely anyone on discord cared for fighting ex layer (know why because undernight burned us first) I see noone sane enough talking about Blazing strike or that pocket game or any other indie fighting game we got either burnt by blade strangers or any other niche fighter no matter hype build up we never touched Fighting Ex layer Dash no matter how high the hype was . The only game that will survive is Melty blood on Switch the hype in almost every discord fighting game fan Nintendo Switch owner won't stop talking about Melty Blood , everyone wants it on Switch the Hype in this already established game is making it overwelming,Blazing Strike will die faster than undernight and Fighting Ex layer (hope I'm wrong) but I don't see it Switch fanbase been burned too many, So many niche dead fighting games never touched again. Looking at Beersus Dead on Arrival. for Nintendo Not even Maximiliandood and the countless paid streamers could save Metal Revolution :(

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