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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greak: Memories of Azur inconsistent MT Score

This is Greak, it's a mexican indie action-adventure game developed by Navegante Entertainment that I was excited to play after finishing the awesome demo available on team weeks ago. Being released in 2 days, the game is gorgeous and the mechanics is fun. You essentially control 3 different characters and need to syncrhonize their abilities to solve mini puzzles and progress in a side-scroller game design. Here is the trailer:

All things were looking fine and I was going to pre order a copy as soon as could see some reviews, and then I finally went to Metacritic and found that on first page. 82, 8 critics. Nothing bad, right? Might be a good game

But oops, I don't have a PS5, better to check out PC reviews: 71, 4 critics.

Why such a steep decline in score? Maybe the game is poorly optimized for PC, if that's the case let's checkout the Switch version score. 64, 4 critics. The score is even lower.

At this point I was just confused, so I've check out Xbox Series X/S version and got an even lower score, 57 with again 4 critics

I have never seen anything like that. I'm now thinking twice before actually playing it. Can anyone provide me any rational reason how a game can score average 82 on PS5 and then 57 on Series X? 

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Unless there are instances of publications giving the game different scores on different platforms I would assume that this is a case of a game with a wide variety of scores, very few scores for any given platform, and only one score per publication per platform giving strange differences by happenstance. Unless you have some reason to think otherwise I would just take the average of all the consoles as a guess to the true number.


Noticed this too. It's probably just a coincidence, albeit a weird one.
Something similar, though not as extreme happened to Smelter in April of this year.
The Xbox One version got an 82, reviews.
The Switch version got a 75, 8 reviews.
The PC version got a 74, 4 reviews and the PS4 version got a 65, 6 reviews. This jumped emidiately to mind because when it released it had a 57 metascore on the PS4 with 4 reviews, while 82 on Xbox One.

That stuff can happen with smaller games with less reviews.