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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best thing about your least liked of the Big Three

Out of Nintendo/Playstation/Xbox, which you like/prefer least, and what is in your opinion the best/your favourite thing about that one?

IMPORTANT NOTE: No trolling or backhanded compliments allowed. These will be reported.

I'll start: my least favourite is Playstation, but the PS1/PS3 rank among my favourite consoles thanks to awesome games like the Crash/Spyro trilogies on PS1 and Uncharted 2/3 on PS3.

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I don't have one I love all of them
You should try Sony's Journey and Ape Escape 1 I promise you'll love them , Super fun times with those games.

And Microsoft I love Fable 2 and Elderscrolls series , Halo

And Nintendo I love Fire Emblem , Mario,Zelda, Starfox , Smash, Waverace, Wario World, Kid Icarus, Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Pokemon , Cruis'n Luigi's mansion ETC Oh my gosh Nintendo First Party is amazing.

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Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

My least favorite is Xbox but gamepass makes me jizz every month with new games


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Microsoft - They have Game Pass

If I had to choose, my least favorite would be Microsoft, However, I love Gamepass. It's almost too good to be true as a service.

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The PS2's library of games is unmatched to this day, and will likely never be.

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I don't have a favorite, neither a least favorite.

Sony - The PS1 and PS2 are some of my favorite systems ever.
Nintendo - I grew up playing SNES, and I really love their games.
Microsoft - I am a PC gamer, and they support the platform with incredible games and deals.

Don't really like Sony / PlayStation. I always have a hard time with their systems' OS and online features and just using them in general, and I'm also not a fan of them always trying their hardest to make their games feel like movies. Their controllers were terrible up until PS3, and while PS4 was an improvement, it still had many issues. Can't speak for DualSense (yet), people say it's great, but they said that about DualShock 4 too so who knows. There's really a lot I don't like about them.

However, they always have a decent amount of exclusives I wish I could get my hands on... Persona 5 most notably in recent years, but I also have a certain interest in titles like Horizon, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, and a few more. Thankfully most of them always seem to arrive on PC sooner or later, but yeah, their games are interesting. Even if they try way too hard to be movies.

Microsoft is my least fave. Best thing? Jet Set Radio Future! The OG Xbox SEGA exclusives!

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Sony PlayStation. They have the best name. They are undoubtedly the coolest.