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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is the Switch cliff now fast approaching?


When will the 'cliff' happen?

2021 2 13.33%
2022 3 20.00%
2023 5 33.33%
2024 3 20.00%
Currently happening 2 13.33%

I know this will put a lot of fear into majority of the people on this website, but is the Switch about to have its Wii moment? For those of you who don't remember, the Wii was setting the world on fire until suddenly it's salez fell off a cliff. Meanwhile the PS3 and 360 were selling steadily and together were consistently ahead. This was something that fell on deaf ears, since Nintendo fans felt that third-party games and HD were trash and so should not be bunched together, though fortunately this changed with the Switch (and for the first year of the WiiU) where third-party games are AOK. But in the long run this meant that the HD/core userbase was increasing and then suddenly they came back with a vengeance. Now individual HD consoles were far outselling the Wii and the third-party sales were consistently strong. All generation, we heard how third-parties were leaving money on the table and any minute now they will release all their games on the Wii but just at 480p. Off course, it never happened, and neither did the motion controls that were going to change gaming forever. It seems like even Nintendo stopped believing in their innovation when WiiU ports of Wii games dropped MCs.

It seems now that the same scenario is fast approaching. Gamers have been saying that the Switch isn't competing with the Playstation or the XBOX, it is competing with both. But Nintendo fans like Apple fans feel that their company is cut from a different cloth. Those shooty-shooty bang-bang games are now on the Switch and are now all cool when in the Wii era they were the same old rehashed HD.

The problem is, XBOX and Playstation sales now outnumber the Switch. It gets even worse because the PS4 and X1 are still selling, something that didn't happen with the Wii. Whether we like to admit it or not but they add to the tally. We saw how much Cyberpunk had to be gimped because of the shackles of last-gen, why would now consider the Switch which is a fraction of the power of those consoles? Clearly innovation can't bridge that gap.

The good news is that if anyone is worried, well you shouldn't be. The WiiU got its fair share of third-party, I remember how quickly the tone changed when in that E3 we saw those late and usually inferior multiplats were going to be the saviour of Nintendo. Likewise, Switch third-party won't dry up, in fact they will last longer than the WiiU support, so that's something. At least that system got a Yakuza game. Likewise, while Sony and MS got the Western focused MH World, Nintendo got true uncorrupted and superior MH. Unlike World, there was no concern from the investors on the amount spent on marketing.

Most importantly, first-party game will continue to sell. Didn't stop the install base of the WiiU from stopping that from happening. And if it does fall behind in sales, who cares? Most Nintendo fans on the internet felt salez were the best barometer of success in the Wii era, that quickly changed with the WiiU where it was again the innovation that mattered. As such, Switch is now going OLED, so the innovation has not gone anywhere. Heck, the best is yet to come when we get an upgraded spec Switch in a couple of years time when it will play those PS4/X1 titles.


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DitchPlaya said:

The problem is, XBOX and Playstation sales now outnumber the Switch

Cliff confirmed

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Are we still talking about cliffs? Really ?

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