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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fully completed Scarlet Nexus! The Good and Bad (plus your thoughts)


* The presentation is awesome. Characters models are detailed and wonderfully animated. Enemy designs for Others range from something out of the surrealism art movement to absolutely creepy (there is a particular Other that actually visual bothered me). The combination of realistic environments with the cell shaded character models looks great. When it comes to art direction vs tech I believe that the Tales team found a nice balance.

* Tales team has taken decades of Action/RPG development and has crafted one of their best battle systems. Fun, Fast, Flashy and little frantic times. Both the main characters have the power Psychokinesis which allows them throw anything not attached to the ground at enemies. Going in for 6 hit combo, pulling the trigger to launch an object then smoothly jumping back in to lay the smack down feels great. Then there are those big objects that take a little more charge time but allow you do beat enemies over the head with simple QTE's. You can also borrow friends powers to enhance your own. You start off at 1 at a time but after a bit of leveling you can have up to 4 powers active at one time to create some OP combinations. Game can actually be challenging at times as I died more than a handful of times. Enemies hit hard and fast and it can be tough to balance multiple enemies at time but nothing ever feels cheap though. You have more than enough abilities to get the upper hand.  

* The demo and other promotional material did not leave me excited for the cast of characters. I was already planning on hating all the characters going in and I would have, had it not been for bond episodes. Bond episodes are SN's equivalent to skits from the Tales series. As you build connections with your fellow team members these will open up the ability to form deeper bonds. Each character as has a personal issue that will you learn about and help to resolve over the course of 5 or so bond episodes. While not being super deep or equally interesting (Haruka and Arashi), they help to add a refreshing layer over initial cookie cutter like characters. 


* The story is a huge amount of meh. SN feels like it wants to be something big, something epic and it drums up the suspense hard only for the payoff to be lackluster. I cant think of any RPG in recent memory that introduces as many, on paper, interesting concepts as SN does and then ends up being so underwhelming. A lot of it has to do with lame anime writing in which characters of all ages act ridiculous, large amounts of anime convenience(I hate that certain recorded and broadcasted scene so much!!!), info dumps that start of with the phrases " Oh you don't know?" or " He really doesn't know does he?"(AHHHH), nobody thinks to stop and talk and instead end up fighting for half the game for no reason, the main antagonist of the game is only the antagonist by the smallest denominator and he is also a dead ringer for another very famous Japanese RPG Villain(certain story elements are also very similar as well). This story requires characters to act a dumb (and out character at points) to have a story and I cannot stand that type of writing. WTF is up with with Tales team fascination with women who can't cook? This joke/gimmick is in every one of their games.

* While being visually interesting, level design is so underwhelming and basic in a game that features characters that have powers, double jumps, and air dashes that it is criminal. Every area is nothing but a series of corridors connected by battle arenas. They try to do something a little interesting in later chapters but it is too late at that point. Sometimes there will be a side path that may take you to an item that you don't need (or want for matter) thus making these detours skippers later in the game. There are 2 city areas in the game and I thought we were going to get a little Yakuza/Persona with these areas; side things that you can do with team members to build relationships but nope, they are just there to serve as quest locations. The NPC's that are there never have anything interesting to say and it takes awhile for their dialogue to update.

* Speaking of quest; they suck. Developers have been making moves to have quest be more than just go do this for an item. Now they are ways to further expand/explore the game world. Apparently Tales team did not get the memo. Every quest is go kill this enemy that you have killed 1000 times already in a specific way that is less efficient than how you've killed them up to this point. I did all Yuito's and skipped everyone of Kasane's and I recommend everyone do this if you have no interest in trophies. The rewards are things that you have already gotten in the better/ quicker exchange system. 

* Speaking of enemies; SN could have done at least 10 or so more enemy types. While combat is great the low variety of enemies and the frequency in which they are fought is not. Main reason why combat gets stale and repetitive. 

* I don't think that Scarlet Nexus has the story and battle system longevity to be split into 2 scenarios. For all purposes Yuito is main character while Kasane serves as supplement to his story. If you play Yuito then Kasane the story is much absorbable than vice versa and this has to with the motivation of both scenarios; Yuito is more global while Kasane is more personal. While Yuito and Kasane both have different styles of fighting they end up being about 80% the same. They don't even bother to give them their own unique finishers. I will say I was burnt out on the combat before the 1st play through was up and the only reason I did the 2nd was New Game Plus.

Scarlet Nexus is a good first start and solid foundation. They definitely have sequels on the mind (a certain thing never gets resolved) and I would be interested if one was announced but they really need to look at each part of the game and expand big time. Each part on its own feels a little shallow currently. I had a fun time with the game as is though and recommend it to JRPG fans but I also feel only one play through is really all that is needed. Once I got that final trophy I knew this would be something I would probably never play again.