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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you happy there's love for 3 current console leaders , minus Atari, Intellivision and Stadia .


This generation did you opt to try other brands?

Yes, Nintendo and Sony 12 26.67%
Yes, Sony and Microsoft 2 4.44%
Yes, Nintendo and Microsoft 3 6.67%
Yes, All of them 11 24.44%
No, I'm still just with 1... 5 11.11%
No, 1 brand but I might consider in the f 5 11.11%
Hehe PC masterRace 5 11.11%
I don't game 2 4.44%

Many users bought a secondary console or settled getting all 3, How is your experience on the other side of the grass? 

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eh, this generation doesn't really interest me. I have a Switch, although like 90% of my play time on it is on previous gen games, but I've no interest whatsoever in the Xbox or PS5.

Gen 7 was great, everybody did well then and IMO they all deserved it. I just don't feel the same about this gen.

I've really "downsized" my gaming this gen. All I have is a Switch Lite, and all I play on it are indies (currently playing Minoria). I was actually planning to retire from gaming this gen (games and systems were just getting too expensive for me), but when the Switch Lite came out I was like "Okay, this is something cheap, has lots of good games, I can get behind this." And I've been having a blast with it. I have no plans on getting anything else, but we shall see.

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I currently only own the Switch as current gen console, but that might change. I am overall very content with the Switch, it has most of the genres I want to play. I am not too much interested in most of the AAA games, but there are exceptions. I also own a PC, but I am Linux user for quite some time, which means no AAA games here either. More and more indies do support Linux though, and indies actually offer a lot of variety and interesting game ideas, so I am very happy with that. I also got Stadia, mostly for two reasons: trying out how well streaming works (pretty well here in germany) and for a few AAA games I want to play. That is AssCreed Odyssey (I love classic greek mythology), Borderlands 3 (which was disappointing frankly). I will get Resident Evil Village too down the line. The other reason for Stadia is Baldur's Gate III, as I loved the first two, and this third is so far actually quite good. Now I am also considering to get a Xbox Series X and GamePass. I can wait a bit longer though, until some interesting games hit. For me that isn't so much Halo (although it has an interesting setting and I will surely give it a try), but Fable, Avowed, Age of Empires, Phoenix Point, Outer Worlds 2.

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I usually have more than 1 hardware brand per gen (l had WiiU and XBox One previously). But the PS5 and XBox Series haven't given me motivation to expand from playing just my Switch right now.

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Cost and Time of entry is too great for me to support more than one console at a time. This has pretty much always been the case for me, but I’m still happy there are plenty of ecosystems to game on. It just means my preferred style of games get made, and that silly copies by other companies aren’t required fir them to compete. Watching Project Natal and Sony Move at E3 ‘09 has to be the most cringe moment in my gaming life. And the rapidity with which the “hardcore” fans suddenly embraced waggle and motion was sad to watch after all the mocking and derisiveness.

At least now everyone is playing to their strengths instead of looking over their competitor’s shoulder to see what works.

The Switch has been my primary system since it came out. I would like to get a PS5 for FFXVI and Tales if Arise at some point, but most of my most wanted list is still on the Switch.

The Switch is my primary console for 3rd party titles (I don't really like Nintendo games), but I have a PS5 Digital Edition to play the PS exclusives (such as God Of War)

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