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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Some of my 'Paper Mario: Origami King' thoughts

I just wanted to know if anybody here is in the same boat. I just really do not like the battle system. Everything else about the game is good, however, I am really understanding the complaints made by fans of the first two games. This would be so much better as a full RPG. I would even take the battle system the way it is if they only incorporated RPG elements to it. As of now, I'm on the yellow streamer, but I've already had enough. I'm avoiding battles as much as possible, and thinking of giving up here. It is just too tedious with little to no reward.

Anyone else give up because of the battle system?


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The battle system, while not annoying like CS and SS, is definitely repetitive and boring to me. However, the rest of the game is so much of an improvement over CS and SS it isn't even funny. The story, settings, and character development are excellent reasons to finish, however!

Absolutely the best PM game since SPM/Paper Jam.

I didn't mind the battles but disliked the lack of experience points. I enjoyed the exploration and thought the story while not the best in the series was pretty good and funny. I was inured at the time I played it so that might have kept me playing through it to the end. I avoided battle as well. I would probably rate it a 6.5-7, had they fleshed out the battle system a bit and added experience points I would have rated it a lot higher.

Loved the game from start to finish. Brilliant design. The boss fights in particular were superb. Amazing graphic style and great humor.