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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wii U vs Xbox One


Which is better?

Wii U 38 64.41%
Xbox One 21 35.59%

Of the two "also ran" consoles of the 8th generation, which do you think is better, and why?

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Because I have a PC, I'd say Wii U cuz there's still a few exclusives there I can't play anywhere else and for now it has a super impressive retro collection on the eshop. Never had a reason to get an Xbox personally cuz my PC can play pretty much play everything on it. Without that stipulation tho yeah the Xbox One def had more on it

Wii U had great exclusives. Look how well they do on Switch. Xbox One's biggest issue was decent exclusive games. Wii U hardware sucked but had great exclusives. XBO had decent hardware but not enough to really buy it for you could not get elsewhere. MS's output was mostly mediocre. I would take Xenoblade X and Bayonetta 2 and TMS over any XBO game.

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The wii U. Full BC with the Wii.
FULL BC. Not "we have to get permission from the publisher" but actual full - any wii game BC. Along with BC for the wii remotes. Plus the Eshop had good BC as well.

Also the game pad is better than the Kinect 2.0 Its use in Zombi U or Mario is amazing.

Also find the wii U had a lot better games (That have all been ported to the switch).

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The WiiU had BOTW and Mario Kart 8, which is fantastic. The Xbox One did not have the letter "U" as a separate part of its name, which is also fantastic.
Its a tough call, but I gotta go with the WiiU here.

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Xbox one.
Gamepass and a constant quantity of games to play.
WiiU has great exclusives, but you have a big drought en between them and almost no third party games.
Xbox exclusives are not fantastic but are good games with some very notable gems (Forza Horizon games, Ori, Gears 5, Cuphead,Sea of Thieves, Halo MCC,etc) A good BC program (WIIU is better but no GC) Good online service and a very good gamepad.

I have both consoles.

I played the couple XBox One exclusives I was interested in on PC in one month of game pass. I played many more games on WiiU over many years. The excellent remake/remaster of windwaker already puts it above the XBox One, Lego city undercover alone racked up over 500 hours between us and having the map in your hands while playing on tv was simply brilliant. (Disappointed Switch can't do that)

I own both, and I'd have to say the XBone is a far better system in just about every way. The problem, of course, is that the Wii U had all of the Nintendo content. At this point, there is damn near nothing exclusive to either system though, so I'll go with the XBone as the better system once exclusive content is taken out of the picture. It just *is* better. It looks better, is much more powerful, has a better controller, etc.

Do you mean better over all? Or better for us personally?

Cuz overall I would say wii u as that console you actually need to get to play some great games. While theres almost no reason to buy a xbox 1 over the existing ps4.

But for me wich i have a ps4 and switch, the xbox actually offers more I havent played or could play than the wii u.

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I actually bought a Wii U, which is enough to get my vote over the XB1. However, the Wii U also had some fun games on it. My favorites were Hyrule Warriors and Mario Maker.