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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How often do you low ball sellers ? games, jewerly etc?

My first time I ever low balled something was a golden watch from actual price of 130 to 70 dollars I think I husstled the seller I then low balled some yard sales special edition figures and games some of them want 12 or more for certain game I do my low ball routine and drop games to 3 bucks each etc or buy skyrim on xbox 360 for 1 dollar . anyone husstling low ball the sellers? I think I need to quit it.

Xbox console + 16 games + 6 controllers + unit cards value 300 I got to spend 90 instead.

I game on all consoles and PC

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This one actually shows console and controllers

Gonna shop online and low ball online again

I game on all consoles and PC

The whole point of capitalism is for the seller to get the highest price they can get for their product or service, and the buyer to get the lowest price they can get. That said, I never want to cheat anybody or take advantage of possible financial desperation.

I don't like to haggle (01:30)