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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Metroid game?


What's your favorite main series Metroid game?

Metroid 28 5.33%
Metroid II: Return of Samus 15 2.86%
Super Metroid 288 54.86%
Metroid Fusion 93 17.71%
Metroid: Zero Mission 39 7.43%
Metroid: Samus Returns 62 11.81%

This poll is about the original series of Metroid games, including its remakes. The Metroid Prime series and its spinoffs will eventually get its own poll.

What's your favorite main series Metroid game?


Bonus question: What are your hopes and expectations for the upcoming Metroid 5 a.k.a. Metroid Dread?

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I'm gonna say Super Metroid. I hope Metroid Dread lives up to Metroid Samus Returns or better.

Either Zero Mission or Super Metroid, feel like they always trading places whenever I replay one of them, my absolute favorite one is the first Prime game tho.

I expect Dread to be another great game in the series.

Doesn't feel right without AM2R there, but anyways.

Super Metroid wins easily. It has the best atmosphere and best level design. The controls are tough to get used to nowadays but the gameplay can get super deep, unlike the simplified games that came after it. The storytelling is very subtle but still very good. In fact, nearly everything about the game is subtle in the best possible way - how it guides you through this world and wants you to see certain things, learn certain things for yourself, and everything. If you watch someone playing Super Metroid for the first time, it's almost always the same; yet, play through the game multiple times and you see that there's absolutely nothing linear about it. That's just down to genius level design.

Full ranking for me is Super > Fusion > Samus Returns/AM2R > Zero Mission > 2 > 1.

And for Dread, I hope it'll at least get in third place on that ranking. I expect it'll be slightly deeper in mechanics than Samus Returns, but still kinda shallow compared to something like Super, and I expect it'll have a bigger focus on story like Fusion, but a little less linear.

Super Metroid for me, followed closely by Zero Mission.

I’m a little more bearish on Dread than others, but I’d be overjoyed to be proven wrong.

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Super Metroid easily. Followed by Fusion and ZM, but with a lot of distance between them.

Bonus: I only hope that Veknoid_Outcast is proven wrong.

Fusion. The atmosphere is the best a mainline Metroid has ever accomplished. Everything is designed to make us feel in constant danger and even scared: from the presence of the X parasite to the SA-X always trying to hunt you down, the plethora of dangerous and unexpected situations (elevators that lose power half way; boilers about to make the whole station explode in a couple of minutes; the shadow of a mysterious giant monster flying on the background; a sudden power loss that makes doors and saving stations not working... The game is constantly trying to make sure that you don't feel in control of the situation at all. It wants you to feel nervous, scared and in tension. And Metroid Fusion does this flawlessly.

People don't like it as much as Super or Zero Mission because it's far more linear than any other Metroid. And while I see their point, I don't think the linearity of Fusion is a bad thing per se. I think this structure is perfectly justified and it never makes the game be "less" than other entries. Just different. And there's A LOT of stuff to collect anyway. Plenty of backtracking when getting new power ups in order to get missile expansions, energy tanks and other secrets... and many of those are very well hidden or require an interesting test of ability. So while the main story is linear, the game itself is packed with content and secrets.

Fusion also has the best story in a mainline Metroid. In the grand scheme of gaming, Fusion is nothing out of this world. But as a Metroid game... it really blows away the others. You get to know some of Samus thoughts and feelings just enough to not feel intrusive while helping to connect more with her. Also the whole Adam/Federation/Metroids/X Parasite situation is very well handled and is followed with a lot of interest. And the game has a great ending. Very emotional.

For me it's Metroid: Samus Returns.

Super Metroid is also excellent for the most part, but there are aspects of it that I'm not fond off.

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Super Metroid and then Metroid Fusion. Though i play Metroid Fusion a little more than Super Metroid. xD

Super Metroid is the perfect game so it wins by default. But the first Prime does come close.