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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No-longer-bold prediction: Sony will release PS5 Portable in late 2023/2024


Will it?

Probably 2 2.67%
Maybe 7 9.33%
Probably not 26 34.67%
No. 40 53.33%

We just learned through SteamDeck that it is already possible for a handheld device to house a downgraded RDNA2/Zen2 alongside an NVMe SSD at a fairly decent price and battery life. In other words, PS5's architecture is likely "scalable" as I was speculating/hoping it would be back in early 2018.

I'm pretty sure Sony will release a PS5 portable SKU targeting one-third the resolution of the standard model and lower framerate with the rest of the settings left mostly untouched, barring some exclusives. No, it won't be another Vita situation because it IS a PS5 for all intents and purposes. No one will go through the extra headache and risks of having to develop or rework games for it specifically; it's a complementary SKU that shares the same architecture. So it doesn't need to sell gangbusters to justify its existence financially.

Thanks to the enormous success of the Switch and their own struggle in Japan, Sony is most likely going to do something about it. I'm not implying PS5 Portable would even sell more than 20% of Switch or Switch 2 worldwide. But 20% is a healthy additive to PS5's numbers. Again, it's an optional SKU with a massive library of quality games accessible. Vita wasn't that.

I think one potential hurdle is what Sony intends to do with the "PS5 Pro". If the intention is to further push the fidelity envelope, which might necessitate reducing the typical resolution for exclusives on the standard model down to as low as 1080p, then no amount of simple downscaling would be enough to make the portable version playable. Another challenge may be game sizes and storage system.


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My take is Sony would be better off looking at partnering with Valve to bring PSN to PC with the steam deck acting as a pseudo proprietary platform.

This thing is going to fail and Sony nor Nintendo will even notice. Sony is more likely to go cloud with mobile devices like MS.

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Mid-gen updates are for Pro models that run games better, not worse.

Sony fans haven't supported Vita which was by far the best handheld in the market. Why would they support a new model ?

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After the failure of the Vita, I don't see Sony dipping their toes in that space again. Least not yet anyway...

They might observe the Steam Deck to see if it's a success or not and based on that, rethink about going back into the handheld space but that would be a long ways off imo.


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TBH, still a bold prediction.

Not likely to happen.

IcaroRibeiro said:

Sony fans haven't supported Vita which was by far the best handheld in the market. Why would they support a new model ?

Lack of many big games and system sellers, lack of L2 R2, im not so sure about that.

I've read a Bloomberg article saying that Sony have always a look on what Nintendo does and will look closely how good (or bad) the Switch OLED will sell.
I don't know why, but maybe the y are still interested into portable gaming.

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