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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you plan to buy a Switch OLED model?


Do you plan to buy a Switch OLED model?

Yes, and it will be my first Switch 39 4.48%
Yes, and I already own a Switch/Switch Lite 133 15.27%
No, I am still not interested in any Switch 128 14.70%
No, I am happy with my Switch/Switch Lite 349 40.07%
I am still undecided 67 7.69%
All I wanted was a Switch Pro 155 17.80%

After last week's announcement of the new Switch OLED model that comes with an OLED screen (duh), 64 GB of internal memory and a few other small extras for the price of $350, it's only fitting to make it the topic of a poll.


Bonus question: What do you think was the cause for all the insiders in the past six months to report on a more powerful Switch revision and why did they all get it so wrong?

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No, My Switch never leaves the dock so this does nothing for me.

Absolutely not unless I was able to directly exchange my OG model for one, and that's not really an option. Trade-in values on GameStop show that I'd get $175 for my Switch, meaning I'd still have to pay $175 plus tax to upgrade to the OLED model. Even if I could get a full $300 selling off my Switch, I still might not upgrade. The OLED model is simply too meager of an upgrade to me to justify taking the money and effort to do so. If I was a first-time Switch buyer, then yeah, I'd probably get the OLED model, but I've had a Switch since day one and it's good enough.

Now, if it had been the rumored 4K upgrade, I'd have been all over that immediately. I have a 4K TV and definitely would have paid a premium to upgrade my Switch to a model that would have taken advantage of that, just as I did when I traded in my OG Xbox One for a One X back in 2017. But it looks like I won't be buying another system of any kind until the Switch 2 comes out.

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No, not unless I can trade in my OG model to shave off a significant portion of the asking price, and if I can't even get that, then I'll simply not bother with the OLED model entirely.

It's not like it's a massive upgrade, compared to what I was originally expecting.

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No. I'm 99% docked thus it isn't an upgrade for me.

Nah. This is mostly for people who don't already own a Switch. As chance has it I actually do already own a Switch so I'm good. It's not a docked/undocked thing because in fact I mostly play undocked, but still, it's just not needed.

Bonus: Because they're dumb and follow in each others hype.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't change my TV into an OLED model, so no.

Nope, not a chance. I couldn't care less about the screen, would've bought a screen-less one if it had existed at the time to avoid wasting money on something I don't want. Have never used it as a handheld and never will.

Bonus: The same reason "insiders" ever say anything. For attention.

Well, if my 2017 model gets broken, I'd upgrade to the OLED model (and sell one of the docks).

I also thought about getting a second Switch, if the battery of my 2017 model gets worse. The old device would stay in the dock all the time (so the bad battery wouldn't be a problem), would have internet access 24/7 (so setting it non-primary wouldn't be a problem).

The OLED version would be set to primary (for offline access of my digital games) and would be my Switch handheld with a lot of mobile advantages compared to the degraded old model:

- bigger screen (useful for tiny text in games... the eyes don't get better while getting older)
- higher brightness (useful outside in daylight)
- better battery life (useful on the go without a power outlet nearby)

Auto-syncing savedata between two Switches should finally work:

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