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Forums - PC Discussion - I'm getting the Steam Pal, Don't actually need it but Can play Tekken 7 and Rainbow six portably etc

Along with Killer Instinct and my first Age of Empire 4 . with Gamepass games. I don't really need it but I Always wanted to play Tekken 7 steam version without having to build a PC. Scalpers aren't dumb enough to get these, they rather get a 3080 rtx .

I game on all consoles and PC

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I don't think the price worries me or spec's , this is for people like me who refuse to build a PC . Now that is out of the way I wouldn't mind paying 500 for it and connect my steam library on steam pal

I game on all consoles and PC

MIcrosoft first party and Sony first party on Steam pal .

God of war 2018
Horizon zero dawn
Last of us
+ all Microsoft first party
+ mods

I game on all consoles and PC