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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who "Won" E3 2021?


Who won E3?

Ubisoft 0 0%
Gearbox 0 0%
Microsoft 56 30.94%
Chaos (Square Enix) 3 1.66%
Nintendo 108 59.67%
Bandai Namco 2 1.10%
They all sucked 12 6.63%

With Namco's presser just ending so does E3 2021. What are your thoughts about this years E3 and who had the best showing?

Personally i'm glad E3 is back but the conferences this year just shows how much of an impact Coronavirus had on the industry. I watched the Ubisoft, Microsoft, Square, Nintendo, and Namco shows. Microsoft had the best showing (8/10), then Nintendo (5/10), then Namco (5/10), then Square (4/10), and lasxtly Ubisoft (2/10).

Ubisoft had too much filler, they literally had trailers for their TV shows in a gaming conference. The new Rainbow 6, and the sport arcade game they showed looks really neat.

Microsoft had a great show overall but they really need to work on how they showcase their games and need less CGI.

Nintendo had a solid show but I have an Xbox and a lot of the games they showed have already been on Xbox for awhile now. I wish they showed more BOTW2. Best part of their show for me was the Zelda game n watch.

Square's show had too much chaos.

Namco show was surpsingly solid, was expecting it to be as bad as Ubisoft but they showed a lot of gameplay and the presentation was pretty good.

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Nintendo. It had 40 minutes of plenty of games, but 3 hours of gameplay for any interested. So it was "short" but plenty of gameplay.
Had quite a lot of surprises (like the first Metroid 2d game in 19 years).
It had the "big" wow with BOTW 2.
It had a lot of "coming this" year games.

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To resume my opinions :

- Microsoft/Bethesda : Good showing with loads of games and new IPs brought down by lack of gameplay feature for the big reveals and CGI galore, lack of upcoming games in the current year. Like usual this is a lot "we're showing promises", but needs to be seen if they'll deliver. I prefer to work on concrete info.

New IP Logo/10

- Nintendo : Appart from BOTW who got a first glimpse reveal at it's "new world" and some new gameplay features which is scheduled for next year, all the new announcements are set for THIS year. Solid gameplay showcases for most of them in a condensced manner. Metroid Dread was a good wow factor. SMT 5 is indeed coming this year and looking cool as ever. Biased as I obviously am, their showcase while not stellar was solid and had almost to none CGI "promises" around to count for.

Cool Dread/10

And whislt I'd love to talk about the others, most of them had seriously a lack of interesting showcases appart from glimmers like Elden Ring, Mario + Rabbids sequel, Delvolver Digital and Limited Run Games conferences being lovingly cheeky, they are not in the same caliber.

Nintendo wins, but it isn't their easiest like 2017 or 2019 recently.

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Nintendo for me. They just showed the most stuff Im interested in. MS was great as well though.

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Metroid Dread.

Sony for not showing up.

For those that were there, Nintendo. I'm interested in several of the games they showed.

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I never thought i would say this but am giving it to Microsoft. For once they showed so many great games coming out that got me excited and that final showing of that new game at the end just left me thinking wow that was a shocker n nice surprise. Nintendo just seemed like I was expecting everything they showed but Metroid caught me off guard but I kinda had a feeling Zelda was gonna be there but I thought it was gonna be a zelda wii u remake one

Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 the best games shown IMO So imma have to say MS's

MS - 8/10
Nintendo 5/10
Forza Horizon 5 was best game shown at E3. MS format was better, lot more games I'm interested in as well. Only would buy SMT 5 on Switch, from that conference, but there's like 20+ on Xbox I get to play thanks to Game pass.

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