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Its that time of the year again! We are a few days away from E3. All the antecipation for gaming news, having games announced years ago being shown again, or seeing brand new games is just so enticing for me and many. So what better way to start this than predict what will be shown in the conferences?

I wanted to focus this thread on the Nintendo's E3 presentation because its the one I am most looking foward to. So without further ado, here is what I expect to see there:

- Monolith

We are BOUND to see something from them. We know that the development for a brand new game started in January of 2018, alongside the development for the remake of the first Xenoblade, so it has been 3 and a half years that the main team at Monolith has been hard at work.

Considering how fast they have developed XC 2, it would seem only fair to speculate that XC 3(or whatever their new project is) must be close to completion and it is certainly possible that it could launch this year. I'm really looking foward to this one.

- Zelda

While this is Zelda's 35th year anniversary, I am honestly not expecting them to announce the rumored Twillight Princess and Wind Waker (re)releases. Skyward Sword is soon comming out, so announcing two more games that serve the same purpose and that are more beloved will just get in the way of the marketing for Skyward Sword.

Having said that, I fully expect BOTW 2 to be there, in some shape or form. I am hopeful for a full blown reveal, but it is time, given that the game is probably already in development for 4 years, to have a proper reveal. It will be glorious, and the world will shed tears of Joy.

- Mario

Honestly, I don't expect a lot of Mario related games to be shown here, outside of the ones already announced, like Mario Golf: Super Rush. Last year was the celebration of Mario's 35th anniversary, we had a shit ton of mario games, and just earlier this year Nintendo release Mario 3D World. So I think Nintendo feels like they are good on that front for this year.

- Fire Emblem

We are due to some new FE game, but I feel like nintendo wont announce anything about it now, but rather will wait for the Setember/October direct to show the next FE game.

- Kirby

So yeah, this is another franchise that is due to get a new game. Hal has said that, after Star Allies has released, that Kirby has entered a new age, and it has been more than 3 years that the last mainline game was birthed into this world. So I feel like Kirby will show up in this E3, and the game will be in 3D...

But not "full" 3D. But rather, it will take the approach that Mario 3D World took. There will still be levels, and the levels themselves will be somewhat linear, but they will allow for Kirby and the player walk around in a 3D dimension, albeit a limited one. Like the devs of 3D World and 3D Land once said, they will try to use leverage their 2D expertise with the freedom that 3D gives. It wont be the jump that fans want the Kirby franchise to take, but it will enough to keep it fresh and interesting.

- Donkey Kong

Yes, I think its about time that DK gets some love again. DK is one of the most well recognized Nintendo franchises, and it still has a wide mass market appeal(gaming and outside of it) that Nintendo wants to nurture. Plus, given the recent signs of Nintendo wanting to branch out to other types of medium, and that DK might be the next IP that gets the Theme Park treatment, it makes sense for Nintendo to push a new game to "revitilize" the franchise.

Now, wether it will be 2D or 3D, I simply dont know. I loved Tropical Freeze, but I would also be really interesting to see how a 3D Donkey Kong game would play out today, with Nintendo putting everything they learned through the decades in it. So I guess we will see.

- Splatoon

We wont see Splatton 3 here, nor anything related to the franchise. The game is still a ways off, and given that we know nothing about Nintendo's lineup for the rest of the year outside of Skyward Sword, I feel like talking about Splatoon 3 now instead of in a direct in october or even early next year will just be a waste of time to market the games that need it now. So yeah, no Splatoon for now.

- Metroid

So, this one is a bit hard to predict. I feel like that its possible for Nintendo dhow footage of MP 4. Its been 2,5 years since it was rebooted, and I am one of those people that dont think they have thrown everything the previous developer has done, so I firmly believe that retro has reused enough assets/stuff from them that probably saved anywhere from 6 months to 1 year of development. So yeah, if nothing more has gone astray with the game, they should be at a point where they can show something.

Having said that, I honestly wouldnt put too much faith in it. Rather, it makes more sense to me that Nintendo will simply do one of the things that I am about to mention: 1) They will port Samus Return to the Switch, and add a few things to it. 2) They will announce a new 2D Metroid, be it a remake or a new entry.

I feel like the 2D Metroid will happen either way, and that there is a decent, but somewhat unlikely chance that MP 4 will appear there.

- Pikmin

Nothing Pikmin related will show up here. They were blindsided by Pikmin 3 Deluxe success, and while I do think Pikmin 4 is in development, it must be a project that must be of such low priority to Nintendo that they honestly didnt care about it until Pikmin 3 did well. So yeah, no Pikmin.

- Bayonetta 3

Honestly, what the fuck is going on with this game? Its about time Nintendo kicked Platinum in its balls and make them show us something, even if they dont even give the game a release windom. Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous at this point.

If they are still not ready to show anything Bayonetta related, the only other game I can see them showcasing is if that GG Project(their first big self-published game) is ready to be shown. Other than that, they probably only have Babylon Fall ready to go, and thats not a Switch game the last time I checked.

- Third Party

My biggest prediction here is that we will see MEGAMAN X9 FREAKING FINALLY!!! Not only the X Collection was sucessful ( I think that between both collections, they are almost at 2 million units sold), and MM 11 is at 1.3 million units, which makes it the third best selling megaman of all time. And its still selling!

So we are bound to get new megaman games from Capcom, and a new X game is the next mist logical step. It has been almost 3 years since MM 11 released, so we are bound to get more news.

I feel like we will also get a new RE Engine games. Given that Capcom has finally got the RE Engine running with MH Rise, and that they arent with cold feet anymore now that the Switch was proven a massive success, I feel like they will want to port anything and everything that the Switch can run.RE 7 and RE 2 Remake, DMC 5 and so on. Assuming it is possible to make them run on an acceptable level, of course.

Square should also have a game or two to show. I personally dont think Triangle Strategy will be mentioned here, though it is certainly possible, but I feel like the DQ 3 Remake will be brought up. Other than that, I believe they will have at least one new game to announce. What that is, I have no idea.

From Atlus we will finally see more of SMT V, and we will finally have a full blown coverage of that game, given that the game release date leaked and that it is slated to release this year. We will maybe get a few more things from them. I feel like 13 Sentinel is a no brainer, but given how Atlus is weird about the Switch with them not releasing one single bloody persona game on it, I would be skeptical.

We should get some Sgea love here too. If I had to guess, the primary console Sega is aiming for for their new Sonic game is the Switch, so the new Sonic showing up here wouldn't surprise me. 

And thats it for me! How about you guys? What do you think will happen?

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Feel more hyped about this E3 than I have for many many years.

Looking forward to seeing Breath of the Wild 2, and hopeful that we'll see something, anything, about Metroid Prime 4. Probably naive to believe in that, but anyway. Maybe I shouldn't get hyped over just these, but, I am.

That isn't to say I wouldn't find other things cool. I hope they have a cool-looking new IP, but I don't expect it. Anything Star Fox, F-Zero or Astral Chain would be crazy, but yeah, not happening. Maybe a 2D Metroid? That's not totally out of the question but I still don't believe in it.

Predictions for Nintendo E3:

- Monolith reveals a new IP open world Fantasy game. Release to happen 1st half of 2022
- Zelda big trailer on everything that you need to know about the new Zelda game. Featuring story trailer, exploration elements, and Aonuma. November 2021
- Metriod 2D reveal developed by Mercury Steam. Releasing October 2021
- Metriod Prime 4 is not shown but Tanabe speaks for 30 seconds after the 2D game saying developing is going smooth and hopes to show Metriod fans there first glimpse next year (maybe some concept art or a real quick tease with 5 seconds of footage)
- Kirby, the next Kirby Iteration releasing 1st quarter of 2021.
- Donkey Kong 2D game that is similar to the Country series but stray away in several areas, releasing September 2021
- Splatoon 2 trailer, new mechanic or mode will be show, First half of 202
- Bayonetta 3 Blow out trailer featuring new setting, story, and mechanics revealed. Releasing December 2021
- Ubisoft announces Mario vs Rabbids 2 coming September 2021
- A few big ports from Xbox one/PS4 era
- EA loves Switch reel
- SMT V trailer

I think are predictions are rather similar.

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This is my prediction:

BotW2 trailer and release period
Bayonetta 3 trailer and release date
Shin Megami Tensei 5 trailer and release date
Splatoon 3 trailer
Metroid Prime 4 trailer
N64 virtual console coming to the Switch after the E3 direct
New Chibi Robo announcement
Next Fire Emblem announcement
A Mario sports game
Zelda spinoff title to celebrate 35th anniversary
New IP
Indies reel
3rd party games reel
Octopath successor

Not at E3:
No Pokemon because they usually get their own Direct around E3
No new Mario Kart, but finally some F-Zero or ExciteTruck successor
No Switch "Pro" announcement

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Oh yeah, forgot about Smash and a possible Ubisoft exclusive game, like chris mentioned.

Smash is a no brainer, and they will absolutely reveal the next charachter, and leave the last bullet for the last direct of the year.

For Ubisoft, there has been this rumor that M + R 2 is happening, which makes far too much sense given how well the first one sold(I think is wayyy above 3 million units sold by now), so yeah. I would have wished that Nintendo greenlit a Star Fox game made by the Star Link team. That game was the perfect blueprint for a Star Fox game, and if the team used the Star Fox IP to make a new game, many of that games problems would have been fixed: The mediocre music, the lackluster story, and Nintendo probably would have butt in and said "No no" to the other design problems, like the repetitive nature that you usually find in Ubisoft game.

Damn, I want an ambitious Star Fox game.

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I demand Nintendo bring back Advance Wars!

Okay, I'll get more in the spirit of the thread.

This is how the Nintendo Direct is gonna go, in what is a completely unbiased and logical, maybe even likely, prediction:

- The Direct starts with a Smash reveal for Amaterasu. Her stage is Shinshu Field and features over 15 songs from Okami. It is announced that she'll be released on the game a week after the Direct, and that in July we'll get a special Smash broadcast for the final character (where they'll actually announce 2 characters).

- A new Donkey Kong gets announced. It's 3D just like in those rumours from a while back, and it comes out in Spring 2022.

- Some third-party games get announced, including Persona 5 Royal.

- There's a new Fire Emblem game. I don't really care about it, but this isn't a list of what I care about, it's a perfectly reasonable prediction of what will actually happen.

- Suddenly, Metroid Prime. It looks amazing! But not as pretty as we hoped? Oh, wait. It's actually Prime Trilogy HD, coming out in September.

- Metroid Prime 4 gets a 1-minute teaser showing some in-engine footage.

- We get a little reel showing a few Nintendo games like Skyward Sword HD and uhh... I don't know what else they have announced..? And also happens to drop some other announcements like a new Kirby game and a new Mario Strikers.

- Astral Chain 2 is announced to be in development by Platinum Games. We get a small teaser like the one for Bayonetta 3, and like Bayonetta 3, we'll be sitting here in three years time wondering what the hell happened.

- Splatoon 3 gets a little trailer that reveals a little bit of its story content but doesn't get too much focus.

- Pikmin 4 is finally revealed. Or announced, I guess. Technically it was announced by Miyamoto in like, 2015? Lol. Anyways. It's slated for an October release, which no one believes is real, but will end up becoming true at the cost of the game feeling rushed and unpolished.

- A new IP shows up!! It's a really cool-looking ARPG and it's being made by Monolith. However, it won't get the spotlight it deserves and won't sell as much as it deserves either. Releases in 2022.

Now some Nintendo rep comes forward with some generic talk and says they have two more things to show...

- We get a full-blown trailer for a new Star Fox game, slated for 2022. It's being developed by Platinum Games but this time without Miyamoto ruining the damn thing. It serves as a sequel to Zero's story, but the gameplay is obviously nothing like it. And it is not even slightly concerning that in this reality, Platinum is now developing like 7 games at once

- And finally it ends with what everyone's expecting, a big ass trailer for Breath of the Wild 2. They show off Hyrule looking really revamped and cool, and also reveal that there's a whole "underworld" beneath Hyrule, which acts as the game's new big open world place. Also, Zelda is playable. Surprisingly, it comes out this December!


And no, even in this prediction, F-Zero is still not happening, neither are we getting Bayonetta 3 news.

Some things just don't happen.

Edit: oh and in that July Smash direct, the two characters that'll be revealed are both from indie games: The Knight from Hollow Knight, and Ori.

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Someone had a thread going a while back that kept tracking of literally every single Nintendo software team (what they've done recently, what they are doing now, predictions). I can't remember all the various team names, but predicting what each team is doing would be more accurate than each series.

Wishlist: Super Mario RPG 2, as always.

the-pi-guy said:

Wishlist: Super Mario RPG 2, as always.

Here you go: