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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Any else hyped for Little Devil Inside?

I just thought it was so charming. Its set in the 19th century Victorian era and looks to be open world with survival mechanics.

Apparently its suppose to be coming out this month yet we don't have a specific date. I think they might be waiting until E3 to announce that its coming the same day or the following week.

The last we got from it was a gameplay video months ago.

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I'm interested to see what it's about. Also, it seems like July 2021 is its current release window.

I didn't even know there was a 20 minute gameplay demo lol. Looks incredible though! The art style and aesthetic are marvelous. Between this, Kena & Stray, I can't remember the last time I got this excited for a bunch of indie games.

Oh wow, I was already excited for it based on the trailer we saw way back, I had no idea this gameplay video even existed! Looks great and definitely something I'll be picking up!

I am keeping an eye on this game since they first showed back in 2014 with a kickstarter campaign. Considering the amount of time they are putting developing this game, I have high hopes that will be good



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Was only aware of the trailer. This and Kena are essentially flagship titles to me. Just waiting to see more from Stray

been a follower of this since its early days of kick-starter but it has taken way to long for it to be done and honestly I don't think it will come this year

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I have never heard of it until this thread. Does not look interesting to me in the least going by that video.

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Heck yeah I am! It was my favorite game from that showcase. Kena was a close second. The LDI trailer was brilliant. Had a perfect combination of wonder, intensity, and humor. Can’t wait for both games! They’re two of my most anticipated titles in competition with GoWR and HFW.