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I’ve been losing sleep since DQ12 announcement and the new direction it Will take the series. I can’t believe they are doing this. If it doesn’t have the same art, gameplay, charm and music as DQ11 i will never touch a square game again. I hope japanese DQ fans storm squareenix HQ

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

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Welcome to the club. You either stop gaming young or game on to see all your favorite franchises be ruined before your very eyes.

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Very trivial stuff to be losing your sleep for, specially since all the things they announced - except maybe the gameplay changes - sound fantastic.
You people really are stiff with the things you like.
I've played almost every single main line DQ game and im very much looking forward to this.
Also, maybe its because im getting old, but im really getting into Billy Joel music now. Like, how did I not like this before, what was I even thinking.

I heard something about the next game being different from the rest of the series.

Could someone fill me in?

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DQ is a very stale franchise so for me any change will be welcomed

No idea what you're talking about. Literally all I've seen about it is a name. The announcement "trailer" was pretty crap actually.

Eh, I trust Horii. I mean, as a creator you need to eventually challenge yourself for things to stay interesting. Horii was probably tired of creating the same types of scenarios, battle systems and worlds and wanted to try something new. Dragon Quests 9 and 10 both faced the wrath of Japanese gamers and the outcomes were different. While the DQ9 reaction forced Square Enix to return to turn based combat instead of action based, 10 just kind of rolled with the MMO format and both enjoyed success.

I've played enough DQ games like XI, I'm ready for something new. That doesn't mean there won't be a traditional AAA Dragon Quest in the future but taking risks is something a lot of Japanese developers are trying now. Keeps the industry interesting.

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Aren't clickbait titles forbidden ?

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Aren't clickbait titles forbidden ?

It's a shame we can't put emoji's in the title.