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Forums - Sports Discussion - Who wins the Champions League Finals


Who Wins the CL finals

Manchester City 5 71.43%
Chelsea 2 28.57%

As a friend said to me, "only the champions play Champions League," which to day we have Manchester City and Chelsea. This game is going to be a cracker.

This is the first time City has made it to the finals but not the first for their Coach, Pep Guardiola. City beat PSG, who has beaten Bayern Munchen, to be here today. Meanwhile, Chelsea has been in the finals on two occasions and winning one. They kicked out Real Madrid at the semis and made it to the finals.

Who wins today's encounter?

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I think PSG is a stronger side than Chelsea, so I'd say City has the better chance. I wouldn't bet money on it because I've had my fair share of wrong predictions, but if I has to choose it really would be City.

On a sidenote, I think this is a great time to vent about the fans that are wrecking the city I live in. This is such a bizarre experience, because they ask us to be inside and never leave our homes unless strictly necessary, then you see these maskless English guys in the street throwing chairs at each other because they support different football teams. Why is a post-brexit Champions League final between two English sides being played in Portugal with tickets sold to the public during a pandemic?


Ill say Chelsea because why not...