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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox E3 Showcase 2021 thread- Xbox E3 show announcements listed


How do you rate the 2021 Xbox E3 showcase?

10 7 10.00%
9 15 21.43%
8 15 21.43%
7 10 14.29%
6 14 20.00%
5 3 4.29%
4 1 1.43%
3 2 2.86%
2 1 1.43%
1 2 2.86%

Welcome to the Official Xbox E3 2021 Thread. Approved by Ryuu96.

The Xbox E3 Showcase will be aired on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook at the following links:

Sunday June 13th 2021

Time Zone Time
Eastern Standard Time 1 PM
Central Standard Time 12 PM
Mountain Standard Time 11 AM
Pacific Standard Time 10 AM
Western European Summer Time/British Summer Time 6 PM
Central European Summer Time 7 PM
Eastern European Summer Time 8 PM
Japan Standard Time  Monday June 14th at 2 AM
Australia Western Standard Time Monday June 14th at 1 AM
Australia Central Standard Time Monday June 14th at 2:30 AM
Australia Eastern Standard Time Monday June 14th at 3 AM

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Halo Infinite



Forza Horizon 5

Project Typhoon (rumored 2nd party exclusive from Avalanche Studios)

Omen (new IP from Arkane Austin)

Wolfenstein 3


Flight Simulator Xbox port

Psychonauts 2

Some long term support game updates (Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76)

Various 3rd party multiplats (Battlefield 6 rumored)

Various 3rd party exclusives (games like The Gunk, Hello Neighbor 2, STALKER 2, and Scorn)

Various ID@Xbox games both new and already announced


The general consensus among insiders is that the following games likely won't be shown at E3:


Avowed (insiders are divided on this one)

Hellblade 2

Project Mara


Forza Motorsport reboot

Elder Scrolls 6

State of Decay 3

Perfect Dark

Deathloop (due to Sony timed exclusivity)

Ghostwire: Tokyo (due to Sony timed exclusivity)

Rumored Kojima 2nd party exclusive

Project Dragon (rumored 2nd party new IP from IO Interactive)

Indiana Jones

Rumored Star Wars exclusive from Zenimax Online Entertainment

27 of 30 games shown are coming to Xbox Gamepass, below are just the 2021 Gamepass games, some of which were on the show, some others weren't:

Xbox Mini Fridge announced

Halo Infinite: Singleplayer | Multiplayer

Starfield Teaser

Forza Horizon 5: Trailer | Gameplay

New Arkane Austin IP named Redfall teaser trailer

New Avalanche 2nd party exclusive Contraband teaser trailer

Age of Empires 4 trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox port and Military Fighter expansion trailer

The Outer Worlds 2 teaser trailer

Grounded: Doom and Shroom Update and achievements trailer

Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life Pirates of the Caribbean crossover expansion trailer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Gameplay trailer

Atomic Heart announcement trailer

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer

Back4Blood PVP announce trailer

Diablo 2 Resurrected Release Date Trailer

Far Cry 6 Gameplay trailer

A Plague Tale: Requiem Announce trailer

12 Minutes Release Date Trailer

Psychonauts 2 Gameplay Trailer

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and Eiyuden Chronicle: 100 Heroes trailer

Among Us 15 Player Lobbies and Xbox announcement trailer

Replaced Announcement Trailer

The Ascent Day One Gamepass Trailer

Shredders trailer

Slime Rancher 2 announcement trailer

Somerville E3 2021 Trailer

Hades Xbox Gamepass Trailer

Party Animals Console announcement trailer

Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Series Enhanced trailer

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Expansion Trailer

Fallout 76 The Pitt Expansion trailer

Yakuza: Like A Dragon available on Gamepass Today trailer

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tagging avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Lets get a countdown going.

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Nice thread! MS and Xbox saving E3. Hope for a good showing.

Next batch for ya Shika, all hyperlinked in the images.

Exciting, can't wait!

6 Days until the show.