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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction Time! What will new Nintendo Switch be called?


What will the new Nintendo Switch be called?

New Nintendo Switch 15 30.00%
Nintendo Switch Pro 5 10.00%
Nintendo Switch 4K 0 0%
Super Nintendo Switch 21 42.00%
Other (answer in post below) 9 18.00%

I thought I would create a fun poll to see what everyone's thoughts are on which name Nintendo will go with for the next Switch revision. Seems like the announcement could be imminent! I picked what are the two most likely along with an Other/post below choice. I left out Switch 2 as a choice because I think we all in agreement that this won't be a "new" console; i.e. the number 2 implies the start of a new generation, where games could be exclusive to it. I don't think Nintendo is going to suddenly turn their backs on 85+ million current Switch owners, and that this will be no different than the PS4/PS4 Pro or Xbox One/Xbox One X relationships. 

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New Super Switch Pro U


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Nintendo Switch Plus stylized NS+

Duplicate/test thread locked per request. If you posted in it and need to copy-paste what you wrote here, here's the link to the old thread:

EDIT: And to answer the OP, my heart says "Super Nintendo Switch," but my brain says "New Nintendo Switch."

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Super Nintendo Switch

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It will be some brand new name that has never been used before, because Nintendo is usually gives an original name to these mid-gen upgrades. It will most definitely not be called "Switch Pro", because they aren't going to copy a Sony name. Sony copies Nintendo, not the other way around.

Swiitch (with Wii games compatibility)
Super Switch
Switch U
The Switcher

$witch 4k super fun system yaya Go!

Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo will refer to it as "new Nintendo Switch" to emphasize that the machine is an update.

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ooh no here we go:

Switch Superior

awesome right?